File: 100896_sep96_decls4_0006.txt
Page: 0006
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Subject: TASK FORCE TARO  23 FEB 91                                      

Unit: 3D AA BN    

Parent Organization: 1ST MARDIV  

Box ID: BX600016

Folder Title: COMMAND CHRONOLOGY 3RD ASSAULT AMPHIBAN BATTALION JAN - JUN 1991                                

Document Number:          5

Folder SEQ  #:         15

       -1010, Report of larger armor force coming from west.
       -1012, Notified Division Forward CP under attack.
       -1019, HO company, TOW platoon enroute to assist Division Forward Cp.
       -1020, Directed TOW platoon to come up on division TAC NET/report to
       call sign coach.
       -1045, Pride directt change to time of attac,k from 1100 to 0/0. This
       due to attack on Division Forward CP.
       -1108, Division report'enemy tank heading northeast side of Al
       Wafra/tank concentrations due east 15 to 20 kilometers/another tank
       concentration due north.
       -1110, 3d TkBn 'engaging T-62's/seven out of nine destroyed/tank company
       -1204, From division: temporary boundary change i4ith 2d grid
       QT 700144, at PL Red to grid QT 778229 follow road northeast,to grid OT
       850388 so 2d MarDiv can move north.,
       -1254, TF Ripper reports full colonel EPW, says not:many forces around
       KIA, they are'around Al Ahamdi, most T772's removed from Kuwait to
       -1330, 'Undergro6nd field hospital found vicinity grid 749052.
       -1338; Boundary change for ist and 2n MarDiv from grid 763140 to 748229
       to 850388 in effect 1337.
       -1800 Going to MOPP.-4.:@
       -1830: All clear sounded.
       -1908,@Fox,vehicler,2detected and identified Lewicite agent. @Ripper 6
       believes that chemical weapons were used, but not sure if Ripper was
       the target. These chemical munitions could have been exploded by our
       own artillery fire, thus causing secondary explosions.
       -1910, Going to MOPP-4.
       -1920, All clear sounded.

       -0530, TF stand-to. Visibility less than 7@OOM in heavy fog.
       -0730, 1/1 commenced sweep of Burqan Oilfield north to Gathering Center
       4 (vic OS 885980).
       -0800, approximately 20 Iraqi's, accompanied by I T-55 tank and 2 APC's
       surrender at TF CP.  Interrogation of Iraqi officer indicates major
ttack may be expected.
       -0803, TF CP came under tank main gun and automatic weapons fire. Hc,,Co
       Marines engaged enemy with@AT-4, LAAW's and automatic weapons. One
       tank and several' other vehicles were destroyed and enemy withdrew into
       the fog.
       -0805, lst Tanks engaged counterattacking enemy armor and APC in wide
       area south of Burqan Oilfield. Unit identified as 22d Bde, 5th
       Mechanized Division.
       -0830, A Co 1/1 and B Co 1/1 engaged several units of 15th Brigade; 3d
       Armored Division during their movement north.,
       -1000, Ist Tanks@",battle-sti23 underway,@as fog-c,lears-enough.,,for,Cobra@s
       to join@b@tti@@.-@@@6v-IO-TAC::(A) a         d AV-8B 8 on@enemy further
       to sou       @.,@excellen@-

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