Russian Anti-Ship Missile Designations

Contributed by Stuart Slade
Updated 05 June 1999


Project Number/Russian Name NATO Codename Notes
OS-24 Komet AS-1 Kennel abortive ship-launched derivative of AS-1 Kennel
became coast defense S-1 (SSC-1)
P-1A Shchuka-A SSN-1 Scrubber radio command guidance
P-1B Shchuka-B SSN-1 Scrubber active radar homing
P-2 Sopka SS-C-2 Salish Modified version of OS-24 installed on cruiser Dzerhinsky
P-5 Pityorka SSN-3 Shaddock First Soviet strategic cruise missile to enter service.
industrial number 4K-34
P-5D Pityorka SSN-3 Shaddock P-5 with radio altimeter
industrial number 4K-95
P-5K Pityorka SSN-3 Shaddock improved version of P-5D
industrial number 4K-95D
P-5S Pityorka SSC-1 Sepal coast-launched version of P-5K.  Became basis for S-35
P-6 Progress SSN-3 Shaddock Unsuccessful early anti-ship P-5.
variable launch to fixed target
industrial code 4K-48.
P-6D Progress SSN-3 Shaddock P-6 fitted with talk-back data link for in-flight course correction.
industrial code 4K-48M
P-7 Progress SSN-3 Shaddock unsuccesful land-attack version of  P-5 with variable launch to a variable target.
P-7D Progress SSN-3 Shaddock P-7K retrofitted with talk-back datalink for course correction
P-7K Progress SSN-3 Shaddock P-7D with radar altimeter
P-10 Buran N/A Beriev-designed rival to P-5
P-15 Termit SSN-2A Styx first Soviet tactical anti-ship missile.
industrial code 4K-40
P-15T Termit SSN-2A Styx IR homing version of P-15
industrial code 4K-40T
P-15U Termit SSN-2B Styx P-15 with folding wings
industrial code 4K-40U
P-15M Termit SSN-2C Styx P-15U with increased range and auxiliary IR seeker
industrial code 4K-40M
P-20 Burya N/A abortive 1960 Ilyushin ultra-long range cruise missile.
P-20 Rubezh SSN-2A Styx Export version of P-15
P-20 Termit N/A Version of P-15M with new guidance system.  Evolved into P-27
P-20L Ametiste SSN-7 Starbright Submarine-launched version of P-15U.
May have been only for export.
P-20M Rubezh SSN-2C Styx Export version of P-15M
P-20K Rubezh SSN-2C Styx P-20M reworked to P-21 standard
P-21 Termit SSN-2B Styx IR homing version of P-15U
P-21 Termit-R SSN-2D Styx New Radar homing version.
industrial code 4K-51
P-22 Termit-R SSN-2D Styx IR homing system
P-25 N/A Solid fuel Chelomei-designed alternative to P-15.  Placed in limited production 1961-62.
P-27 Termit SSN-2D Styx Final production version of P-15 with missile electronics from P-270.
P-35 Bazalt N/A Early supersonic land-attack cruise missile.  Abandoned after severe development problems.
P-35 Progress SSN-3 Shaddock Upgraded P-7 missile fitted with guidance system from P-35 Bazalt.
industrial code 3M-44
P-35M Progress SSN-3 Shaddock Coast defense S-35 missiles adapted for naval use after fire destroyed P-35 inventory.
P-40 N/A Long-range anti-ship version of P-35 Bazalt missile to arm converted Sverdlov class cruisers.
P-50 Malachit SSN-9 Siren "Universal" anti-ship missiles developed for submarines and surface ships.  Replaced by P-120.
P-70 Ametiste SSN-7 Starbright Scaled down P-5 to arm Project 670A class submarines.
industrial code 4K-66
P-80 Zubr SSN-22 Sunburn Hypersonic anti-ship missile arming early Pr-956 destroyers.
industrial code 3M-82
P-100 Oniks SSN-22 Sunburn Encapsulated folding-fin version 
launched from 65 cm torpedo tubes on SSN's.  Associated with Rim Hat FCS. 
industrial code 3K-55
P-120 Malakhit SSN-9 Siren Development started 1963 to replace P-50 missile.
industrial code 4K-85
P-120E Malakhit SSN-9 Siren Export version of P-120.  Offered to India but not procured.
P-170 N/A Hypersonic target drone.
P-270 Moskit SSN-22 Sunburn New generation light anti-ship missile to replace P-15.
industrial code 3M-80
P-350 Bazalt SSN-12 Sandbox Successor to cancelled P-35 Bazalt started in 1963.  Evolved into P-500
industrial code 4K-77
P-500 Bazalt SSN-12 Sandbox Production version of original P-350 Bazalt.
Industrial code 4K-80
P-700 Granat SSN-19 Shipwreck Turbojet alternative to P-500.  Much more successful.
industrial code 3M-45
P-750 Grom SSN-X-24 Scorpion Abandoned long-range cruise missile
P-800 Yakhont SSN-X-26 Ramjet version of P-80 Zubr.
industrial code 3M-55
P-800 Bolid SSN-X-26 Encapsulated, submarine launched version of Yakhont.
P-900 Alfa SSN-X-27 Version of Granat carrying hypersonic final attack stage.
industrial code 3M-51
P-1000 Vulkan N/A Hypersonic heavy anti-ship missile replacing P-500 and P-700.
industrial code 3M-70
S-10 Granat Soviet copy of USA Tomahawk strategic cruise missile (Tomahawkski).
industrial code 3M-10
Kh-35 Uran SSN-X-25 Switchblade USA Harpoon-like anti-ship missile.
industrial code 3M-24
S-10 Granat SSN-21 Sampson Tomahawkski; 
industrial code 3M-10

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