In summary, while the munitions identification, inventory processes, and chemical and biological warfare agent testing methods at An Nasiriyah SW ASP were less than 100 percent accurate, given the circumstances, gross chemical- or biological-warfare-agent-related contamination from Coalition air strikes or US ground demolition operations should, and probably would, have been detected. All evidence (interviews, absence of positive chemical detections or personnel injuries, the results of UNSCOM inspections of this facility, Iraq’s Full, Final, and Complete Disclosure, and a review of theater operational reports and national intelligence reporting) corroborate it is likely chemical weapons were present at An Nasiriyah SW ASP prior to US occupation, but unlikely chemical weapons, biological weapons, or bulk chemical warfare agents were present while it was occupied by US forces. Also, based on inspections by US forces and UNSCOM teams, and on sampling by US personnel, the release of chemical warfare agents due to the Coalition bombing campaign is unlikely.

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