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Information on Iraq's Biological Warfare Program


12 November 1993

To:    Dr. John Deutch, Under secretary of Defense for 
From:  [   (b)(6)   ]    Armed Forces Medical Intelligence 

Subject:     Information on Iraq's Biological Warfare Program

1.     Prior to the Gulf War, Iraq was assessed to have a
mature biological warfare (BW) program centered at the Salman Pak
BW Facility.  Agents assessed to have been produced and weaponized
were botulinum toxin; Bacillus anthracis, the causative agent of
-anthrax; and Clostridium -perfrincens, the causative agent of gas
gangrene.  Agents suspected to he of interest to the Iraqis were
Yersinia pestis, the causative agent of plague; Vibrio cholerae,
Brucella species; a Rickettsia; and staphylococcal enterotoxins.
Munitions available for BW delivery were missile warheads, aerial
bombs, and commercial spray devices.

2.    The Salman Pak BW facility was assessed to be the
primary facility in the Iraqi BW program.  other facilities were
the Taji suspect BW facility; Abu Ghurayb BW Production facility 
Kindi; Abu Ghurayb Suspect BW facility; the Latifiyah suspect BW
facility, and the Baghdad Nuclear Research center at Tuwaitha.
Additional information on these facilities can be found in the
attached documents.

3.     During Desert Shield, several BW facilities were
targeted for bombing  (See Appendix I).   Approximate dates of
bombing are given in Appendix II. A map depicting site locations
can be found in Enclosure l, page 2.

4.    In addition to the confirmed and suspect production
facilities listed above, a storage site at the Salman Pak BW
Facility was bombed.   The construction characteristics of the
Salman Pak storage bunkers were used to locate several additional
bunkers throughout the country which may have been air-conditioned 
 or cooled indicating suitability for BW agent storage. These 
were listed as suspect BW storage facilities on the basis of their
construction similarities to the Salman Pak BW storage Facility.
several of these sites were also bombed.  (See Enclosure 1, page 
and page 25.

5.     A list of salman. Pak BW targets and bomb damage
assessment (BDA) is in Enclosure l, page 18.

6.     No standardized biological warfare agents are known to
produce brain tumors or other neoplasms. In general, carcinogenic
substances require many months or years to produce tumors.  
of this delayed reaction, they are not regarded as useful for
biological warfare.

7.      After the war, [      (b)(1) sec 1.3(a)(4)    ]

 Further  evidence  that  BW  agents  or
munitions were not present during allied bombing is the fact that
no credible reporting of Iraqi disease or illness consistent with
BW agent exposure, was received after the bombing.  [      (b)(1) 
sec 1.3(a)(4)    ]

-Enclosure 1,  The Iraqi Offensive Biological Warfare Program:
Before, During and After the Gulf War

Enclosure 2, Iraqi BW Capabilities              , DDX-l610-8-91

Enclosure 3, The Status of Iraq's Facilities to Produce Weapons of
Mass Destruction: A preliminary Post-War Assessment        SW 91-

Enclosure 4, Iraq's Potential for chemical and Biological Warfare
[   (b)(2)   ]

                                  APPENDIX I

         Salman Pak BW Facility
R&D, Storage and Production (Bacillus anthracis, botulinum toxin,
Clostridium perfringens)

         Taji Suspect BW Production Facility
Possible site of anthrax spore production

         Abu Ghurayb Vaccine Plant, Al Kindi
Probable site of botulinum toxin production

Possible Production (agent unknown)

         Abu Ghura-yb Suspect BW Facility.
Possible Production and Munition filling
Note:   The Iraqis reportedly were not successful in filling
artillery shells with BW agents at this site.

                                  APPENDIX II


Facility                                          Geo Coords      

Salman Pak BW Research and Production (#)         3350N 04348E    

Abu Ghurayb Suspect BW Production                  3319N 04410E'

Abu Ghurayb BW Product ion                         3318N  04412E  

Taji Suspect BW Storage                            3330N  04414E  
-  2/10*

Taji Suspect BW Production                         3333N  04418�  

Latifiyah Suspect BW Production                    3301N  04413E  


(#)  Multiple Targets, Multiple Attack Dates

*    Approximate date of attack

Note:   12-Frame Storage Bunkers bombed are denoted on DIA list 
Targets Attacked During Desert Storm" furnished to Dr. Deutch's
office by [   (b)(6)   ]


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