Anthrax vaccine, Protecting the Force!


Anthrax is an infectious bacterial disease
spread by contact with infected animals, handling infected products,
eating infected meat, or breathing
weapon-dispersed anthrax spores.



Photo of missle launchingPhoto of artillery Projectiles Missiles,  Artillery shells

Photo of crop duster type aircraft Sprayers Aircraft, Trucks,

Hand-held aerosols

Sec. Cohen with 5lb bag of suger

Defense Secretary William Cohen holds a 5-pound bag of sugar to show the amount of the biological weapon anthrax that could destroy half the population of Washington, D.C.

Wash. D.C. skyscape

Graphic of bacillus

Bacillus Anthracis

Anthrax is the easiest biological agent to manufacture.

Image of injured finger

Cutaneous Anthrax

Graphic of 'purple strain' of anthrax bacillus

How it works: The airborne anthrax spores are inhaled and lodge in the lungs. There, they move to local lymph nodes, multiply and produce toxins that spread through the body via the bloodstream.

Image of chest x-ray


Why is it a threat?

Anthrax spores are the top choice in biological weapons for "germ warfare." button.gif

Anthrax is effective as a biological weapon because:

  • Anthrax is almost always DEADLY if not treated early.
  • Spores can be produced in large quantities using basic knowledge of biology.
  • Spores can be stored for decades without losing viability.
  • Spores can be easily spread in the air by missiles, rockets, artillery,
    aerial bombs & sprayers.

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We KNOW there are potential adversaries developing it as a weapon. 

  • At least 7 of our potential adversaries have worked to develop an offensive biological warfare capability using anthrax.
  • Iraq has admitted to producing and weaponizing anthrax.

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There is no indication of exposure.

  • There is no cloud or color.
  • There is no smell.
  • There is no taste.
  • There is no indication of an attack when dispersed by aerosol spray.


There is no effective treatment for unvaccinated victims of inhalational anthrax.

  • Antibiotics will suppress infection only if administered early after exposure -- usually within the first 24 - 48 hours.
  • By the time symptoms develop, it is highly likely death will occur
    despite the best efforts of modern medical science.
  • 99% lethal to unprotected individuals.

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What it is:

  • Anthrax is produced by the bacteria Bacillus anthracis. A tough protective coat allows the bacteria to survive for decades as spores.
  • Anthrax is dangerous because, it is:
  • Highly lethal
  • One of the easiest biological agents to manufacture
  • Relatively easy to develop as a weapon
  • Easily spread in the air over a large area
  • Easily stored and dangerous for a long period


  • Three types of Anthrax diseases: 
  • Cutaneous Anthrax - caused by contact with infected animals or contaminated animal products.
  • Gastrointestinal Anthrax - caused by ingestion of contaminated meat.
  • Inhalation Anthrax - caused by inhalation of anthrax spores **MOST DEADLY - BIGGEST THREAT**

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Incubation period - 1 to 6 days button.gif width=500 height=5

Symptoms of inhalation anthrax include:

  • Flu-like aches & pains
  • Fever, malaise, fatigue, cough
    and mild chest discomfort
    followed by severe difficulty breathing

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Diagnosed by:

  • Isolating the bacteria from blood, other body fluids or skin lesions
  • Blood culture, measuring specific antibodies late
    in the course of the disease

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  • Treatment is usually not effective after symptoms are present.
  • High dose antibiotic treatment--can lower the death rate slightly.

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What it does:

  • The disease occurs when spores enter lungs, migrate to the lymph nodes, change to the bacterial forms, multiply, and produce toxins.
  • These toxins cause bleeding and destruction of structures in the middle of the chest (medical term: hemorrahgic necrotizing mediastinitis).
  • Shock and death occur within 24-36 hours

Animated gif showing anthrax inhallation progress

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