Excerpt from DoD News Briefing
Tuesday, April 1, 1997 - 1:30 p.m.
Mr. Kenneth H. Bacon, ASD (PA)

Secondly, I want to demonstrate our technology here. Technology in two ways. First, our technology to show you new technology on the Internet. That's the second part. This is GulfLink. As you can tell, GulfLink today is going interactive, which means that for the first time now, people who log onto GulfLink to get information about Gulf War Illness programs, for treating it, researching its causes, and making information available to the public, can send e-mail messages back and get answers. They may not always get the answers they want or they think they deserve, but they will get responses quickly, and as fully as we can give the responses.

So Bryan Whitman is going to illustrate the program here. There is the form, actually, that you use for reporting back in on medical conditions. You can actually make a medical report to the Department of Defense to get included in the Comprehensive Clinical Evaluation Program, seek information about either your medical condition, or to request information about documents or other types of information that we might be able to provide.


Bryan has always lived a charmed life, as you can tell from his address.

We think this will help us in two ways. First, it will help us get more information from people; and two, it will help us get information out to people. As you know, we're still trying to assemble as much information as we can about certain Gulf War incidents.

There it is, a demonstration of how it works. Any of you can try this.

I don't know how many people, do you know how many people are set up to respond to these questions?

Voice: We have seven people replying to all correspondence, whether it be in written form, whether it's e-mail, and then we have approximately, as of today, 16 operators--telephone operators--that actually phone back, either calls coming into the hotline, or we'll call back people on e-mails that come in, also.

A: Seven people answering mail and e-mail and 16 people dealing with the incident hotline.

*Comments not relating to Gulf War illnesses were edited out of the transcript.

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