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               Practical Guidance and Suggestions for Deployment
                       and Survival In Desert Operations

        Purpose: An analysis of conditions in extreme heat climates
        with recommendations for sustainability of forces while
        conducting operations in this climate.

        KEY POINTS:

        	a. Personnel should consume water often to maintain proper
        hydration and peak performance levels.   Do not rely on thirst
        as an indication of dehydration.

             	b. The noon rest should last at least one hour for
        adequate food, water,  and salt replacement.

        	c.  Failure to consume adequate rations leads to depletion
        of essential nutrients, especially salt. Make sure at least
        one meal per day is hot.

       	d.  Provide cool water (60�F-70�F if possible by
       shading, insulating. camouflaging water buffaloes and blister

            	e.  Beware; raw ice cannot be properly disinfected

       	f.  Commercial flavorings (Kool-Aid, Gatorade, etc,)
       contain nongovernmental issue flavoring and other agents
       (vitamin C] which neutralize water disinfectants and render
       them useless.

       	g.  Provide adequate and recurrent rest periods. Go into
       shaded, cooler places to maintain adequate body temperatures.

       	h.  Food and water are tactical weapons in maintaining peak
       performance levels.

       	i.  Acclimatize new arrivals in an efficient manner to
       ensure productivity without "burn-out."

	j.  Hydrate prior to strenuous work or exercise periods.

       	k.  Follow a personal hygiene routine to maintain physical
       and mental capabilities.

           	1. Clues identifying potential problems:

                	(a)  Urine that is more colored than diluted lemonade.

                	(b)   When the last urination cannot be remembered.

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