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Page 9                						14 Sep 90 - 2000 hrs

                                    		OPERATION DESERT SHIELD
                                  	NEW INFESTATION 1S UNDERLINED       

-    250 bed Contingency Hospital (CH) for Seeb, Oman (also refer to the
12 Sep 90 MASR report and SGHR 0900L 14 Sep 90 meeting): The total ADVON
requirement (UTC FEB1) includes 221 personnel. This ADVON team was broken
down into three (3) increments with the following deployment schedule noted

             --- Increment 1: 80 personnel deploying at C+72 [18 Oct]
	--- Increment 2: 44 additional personnel deploying at C+80 [26 Oct]
	--- Increment 3: 97 remaining personnel in "On-Call" status

The remaining 250 bed CH modules are "On-Call.  These On-Call modules or                                                           
(UTCs) include FFEB2, FFEC2, FFEC3, FFEC4. Our MASR has been modified to
reflect the above information.

- (U) Col (Dr) Saddab, USA, will brief the J-4 Action Officers meeting on
26 Sep 90 regarding his proposed approach to the collection of casualty data           ,
in theater. An invitation has been extended to LtCol Falkenheimer and -
Major Helman.

- (U) US Navy Plans and Policy Branch advises that there are 4162 USN
    medical personnel in the AOR as of 1 Sep 90,

- (U) USCENTAF message 131643Z Sep 90 to HQ USAF/CSS: Message states it
needs Air Staff support for the Call-up of  selected reserve medical units to
provide some minimum level of quality care for benifiaries on a continuing basis.

- Host Nation Bed Status update: There are 350 HN beds in the AOR - all
are located in Bahrain. 250 beds are in Salmoniya Hospital (civilian medical
facility ); 100 bed s are in a military hospital.  When  US forces deployed to
AOR, the US sent two surgical teams (60 personnel) to augment Salmoniya
Hospital. These teams have re-deployed to support Fleet Hospital #5
(Al Jubayl). The HN beds are fully staffed by HN personnel. (source: J-4
LtCol Eyestone)

                                   Medical Term for the Day

                 Medical Staff...............A doctor's cane

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