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Subject: CHEMICAL CASUALTY CARE                                          

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Parent  Organization: ARCENT      

Folder Title: INTERSUM                                                                                        

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Scan Date: 16-APR-1996


                               DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY
                                 APO NEW YORK 09657

          AFZA-MD                                            I January 1991


          SUBJECT.- 'Chemical Casualty Care

          1. Corps medical officers and physician assistants have
          completed instruction in medical management of chemical
          casualties. They should be able to optimize rapid recovery and
          return to duty of the more than 95 percent of casualties who
          initially survive chemical agent exposure. The purpose of this
          tasking memorandum is to ensure that their knowledge is
          translated to readiness a+ all Corps medical soldiers and
          emphasis by commanders.

          2. Each division, separate brigade, Corps hospital and medical
          group commander will designate a medical officer 'with additional
          duty as unit chemical casualty care officer. The designated
          officer should be a graduate of the Medical Management of
          Chemical Casualties Course. He will report directly to the unit
          surgeon or, +or medical units, to the unit commander an all
          matters concerning this additional duty.

          3. The unit chemical casualty care officer will propose, staf-Fp
          and obtain approval of initial and sustainment training programs
          +or medical soldiers in chemical casual ty care, medical
          operations in a chemical environment, and 4ar-+orward rapid
          patient decontamination. Commanders will provide the required
          time and resources +or execution of training as a key combat
          readiness priority. The chemical casualty officer will track
          training and assess proficiency primarily through no-notice
          operational readiness exercises involving medical decision
          making and decontamination a+ small numbers of patients for
          maximum teaching value. He will coordinate with the unit
          operations officer +or tasking exercises and training.

          4. The chemical casualty care officer will also track ordering
          and availability of key medical chemical defense medications,
          equipment and decontamination supplies. He will ensure that
          eadh ground and air evacuation vehicle is uploaded with
          decontamination material sufficient +or 4 casualties. He will
          coordinate with the unit logistics officer on all materiel
          readiness as an item of special command interest at USR

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