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Subject: MARKING PROTECTIVE OVERGARMENTS                                 

Box ID: BX001429

Unit: 24TH ID     

Parent  Organization: XVIII CORPS 

Folder Title: MISC INFORMATION PAPERS                                                                         

Folder Seq #:        409

Document Number:         29

Document Date: 

Scan Date: 03-JUN-1996

                                     INFORMATION PAPER

                                                               6 January 1990

               -SUBJECT: Marking Protective  Overgarments

               I  Pitrposo.  To outline policy on marking clionical
               protective overgarments, placing K9 detector paper,    and
               wearing the ballistic protective vest with the chemical

               '2. Discussion.

                   a. Soldiers   will clearly mark their name and rank on
               'the protective overgarment. They will write their, name and
               rank on two strips of brown or green duct tape with black
           :,,,"marker and place one over the right breart pocket of the CIIOG
               'shirt and the second on the fron@ of the chemical protective
               helmet cover. (See enclosure 1)
                   b.  Soldiers will also attach R9 chemical det'ector pap    .or
  their KOPP suit in accordance with The Soldiers Manual of
               Common Tasks. If the soldier is right handed the     paper goes
               on the right upper arm, left wrist, and around the    right
               ankle. If' he's left handed it gets gn tlie..Ieft upper arm,
               right wrist, and around the left ankle.
                   C. The flak vest goes over the     chomi'cal protective
               ovorgai@ment. Soldiers will write their rank and narie on a
               -trip of green or brown duct tape and place it on the upper
               -right breast area of the flak jacket. (See enclosure 1)

                                                    H,:Lj Bydo, 163
                                                    Division Che-ical

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