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Subject: UNIT SECURITY                                                   

Unit: VII CORPS   

Parent  Organization: ARCENT      

Box ID: BX000235

Folder Seq #:          2

Document Number:         82


                                 DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY
                          Headquarters, 7th Engineer Brigade
                               OPERATION DESERT SHIELD
                                      APO NY 09689



         SUBJECT: Unit Security

         1. The potential for a preemptive strike exists with the January
         15th UN deadline approaching.

         2. Units will immediately execute the following security
         measures until further notice:

              a. Maintain a 50 percent alert status at night.

              h. Conduct a 100 perd4nt stand-to at 0500 daily. Report
         status  NLT OB30 daily.

              C. Issue small arms ammunition to soldiers. Ammunition will
         not be  loaded unless directed by chain of command.

              d. Issue only small arms and crew served weapons ammunition.
         Have plans for unissued stocks.

              e. Issue flare8, pyrotechnics and smoke per SOP.

              1. Chemical detectors will be used from sunset to dawn with
         the ability to activate on call during daylight hours. Remain at
         MOPP 0  unless chemical threat is identified.

              g.  Limit night vehicle movements away from life support

              h.  Continue working on unit perimeters and defenses.

              i.  Submit spot reports to Brigade or supported units ASAP.

              J.  Be prepared to displace as directed or necessary with
         sandbagged vehicles.

         3. Peacetime ROE in affect and will be briefed to soldiers ASAP.

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