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File: 072496_jun96_decls47_0001.txt
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Subject: COMMANDERS NARRATIVE SUMMARY                                    

Unit: 82D AB      

Parent  Organization: XVIII CORPS 

Box ID: BX001504

Folder Seq #:        229

Document Number:         16

                                     COMMANDER'S NARRATIVE SUMMARY

         19T BDE:                                                   Submitted: 01 Sept 90

         Cdr's Comments: 3-319TH AFAR reported 100% for sensitive items upon their
         closure from their FTX. The brigade issued shots for meningitis today to most of
         our troops. Shots will be completed tomorrow. Planning continues for our
         Brigade FTX next week, 4-7 September.

         2D BDE:                                                    Submitted: 01 Sept 90

         Cdr's Comments: None

         3D BBE-                                                    Submitted, 01 Sept 90

         Cdr's Comments: The BDE CPX was an excellent training      event. Units have a much
         better understanding of the BDE plan and OPFOR organization and tactics. It also
         identified some areas, both inside and outside the BDE that need additional
         refinement. They include battle handover with AVN BDE, control of EA's (Div-BN),
         coordination of ATK and CAB assets, rearward passage, and control of divisional
         and non-divisional units thru/in sector, RTO procedures and data management.

         DIVARTY:                                                   Submitted: 01 Sept 90

         Cdr's Comments: None.

         82D AVN:                                                   Submitted: 01 Sept 90

         Cdr's Comments: None.

         DISCOM:                                                    Submitted: 01 Sept 90

         Cdr's Comments: Maintenance backlog continues to increase due to the lack of
         mission essential equipment and repair parts. The Division will suffer a
         reduction in maintenance capabilities when the DRSCOM Main units relocate.
         Presently, maintenance assets are consolidated to form a composite and
         comprehensive maintenance capability for the division. DRAGON, TOW, and
n some cases zero
         capabilities). ECCS and LCCS equipment is scheduled for air deployment with
         Div(-) as of 25 Aug 90. These shelters are vital for testing and servicing of
         NOD's and missile systems. Supply and transportation support would be reduced
         significantly if the division deployed to field locations due to the lack of
         personnel and equipment in the 407TH S&T BN. The shortage of authorized
         transportation assets and line haul POL capability in country remain our biggest
         concern. Division level medical support (treatment, evacuation, supply) remains
         inadequate to support extended combat operations due to the shortage of vehicles
         (Ambulance/Cargo) and the shortage of equipment which remains in CONUS. The
         morale of soldiers remain high.

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