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Subject: SUPCOM EVENING BRIEF 23APR91                                    

Unit: VII CORPS   

Parent  Organization: ARCENT      

Box ID: BX000251

Folder Seq #:          1

Document Number:          9


               VII CORPS LNO  TO 22D SUPCOM NOTES #35, 24 APR 91

               SUPCOM EVENING BRIEF, 23 APR 91

                     1.   Early Turn-In.of AVLBs at POMCUS Wash Site.           SUP%-ul-i
               expressed the desire to coordinate with the Corps to obtain as
               soon as possible'several AVLBs to be'used as a washrack at the
               POMCUS.tetporary storage site.
                     2. Found COMSEC Power Source. SuPc6m PMO reported that an
               HYP-S7-TSEC power source, SN 71443, was found in the amnesty box
               near the POL point yesterday.

                     3. Parcel Pallet Backlog. Current backlog by location and
               amount, to include the change from the previous report, is:
               Dhahran-502 (+/-O), Riyadh-IS (-3), KVMC-741 (-31).          The x-ray
               'scanner that was due to arrive 22 APR has been lost in shipment.

                     .4.. Injury. Prevention.   Short class was conducted by
               .12th NED DET. Strong recommendation that when air temperature is
               at 90 degrees or better, soldiers should drink at least 2 quarts
               of water per hour. Copy of hand-out attached.

                     S.   GI Tract Upset. SUPCOM SURG reported a growing number
               of cases from soldiers who had consummed food purchased from road
               side caterers located in the 3AD area and in the vicinity of LBE.
               Recommended that,commanders should advise their soldiers to avoid
               purchasing food from these sources.

              '@i3tPCOM Morning Stand-Up
                   .1.    Request for   Container Shipment   .Out of Jeddah.       CbL
               Ellis, SUPCOM RAA CDR,   acknowledged receipt of a request from MG
               Daniels to examine the   possibility of shipping Corps' containers
               out of Jeddah.

   2. CARC Painting   at Dammam. AMC reported that painting can
               commence tomorrow, but   acknowledged the need to first coordinate
               the action with Corps. Notified G4.


                     1. Return of Equipment from Egyptians. Notified by SUPCOM
               LOC that Egyptians would like to return US equipment to CSC
               Liberty located west of Kuwait City on MSR McDonald.               List
               includes 18 MICLIC trailers, 3 MS77s, 3 SLGRS, and 8 CEV mine
               rakes. US POCs at Camp Freedom are LTC Armstrong or COL Beverly
               at 9-300-7805-224. Passed same to G3.

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