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Subject: PREGNANCY POLICY    10 SEP 90                                   

Unit: 24TH ID     

Parent  Organization: XVIII CORPS 

Box ID: BX001433

Folder Seq #:          5

Document Number:         10

        AFZP-MD                                                 of

        MEMORAND!@eFCR#     ivision

        MEMORANDUM FOR Commanding General 24th ID (M)

        SUBJECT: Pregnancy Policy

        1. Problem: To determine whether or not female soldiers
        diagnosed as pregnant should be returned to CONUS and if so,

        2. Discussion:

             a. Customs and medical resources in Saudi Arabia do not
        allow for adequate care in the first trimester of pregnancy

             b. Potential for Chemical Warfare with need for PB pro-
        phylaxis, CPOG and potential atropine injections is a danger
        in the first trimester

             C. Current profile for pregnant soldiers is sufficiently
        restrictive as to make these soldiers essentially useless in a
        field environment.

             d. Pregnancies diagnosed in the next four weeks probably
        occured prior to departure from the United States. Pregnancies
        conceived in Saudia Arabia should be evacuated and commanders
        should consider the initiation of appropriate action in cases
        where misconduct documented.

        3. Pregnancy tests are currently being performed by the First
        TAC, Air Transportable Hospital at the King Abdul Aziz AirBase in
        D'hahran. Urine samples should be first void specimens collected
        under direct visualization and subsequently confirmed by a blood
        test. As we become more sophisticated the criterior +or evacuation
        should be the presence of a viable pregnancy documented by ultra-
        sound or rising levels of Human Chorionic Gonadc)tropin (pregnancy
        hormone) consistent with a normally developing pregnancy

        4. Recommendationt Patients diagnosed as pregnant be returned to
ewart (not AEROVAC) as soon as practical.

                                                      N HALL    Z>


        COORD: SJA
                 13 I

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