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Subject: MEDICAL REPORTING  14 AUG 90                                    

Unit: 24TH ID     

Parent  Organization: XVIII CORPS 

Box ID: BX001433

Folder Seq #:          5

Document Number:         17

       AF2P-MD                                 14 AU(3 90

       MEMORANDUM FROM Division Surgeon's Office

       MEMORANDUM FOR Medical Units - Battalion Aid Stations, Clearing Companies,
       DISCOM Med Ops

       SUBJECT: Medical Reporting

       1. As per XVIII Corps changes to medical reports effective as of Internal
       Look 90 (July 90), all medical reports are to be as of 0600 hrs daily.
       These reports are due to the Brigade Medical NCO NLT OBEIO local, due to the
       DISCOM Medical Operations Cpnter NLT 1000 local, and forwarded to this
       office NLT 1200.   Consolidated medical reports are due to the CORPS
       Surgeon's office NLT 1400.

       2. During Operations with the CORPS Surgeon's office and 44t)i Med BDE, Ist
       COSCDII, it was required that medical units submit two sets of reports daily.
       The first from 0600-0559 for CORPS and one 1800-1759.  There is no word at
       this time regarding a second set of medical reports being required;
       however, be prepared.

       3. Contrary to the 24th Infantry Division FSOP, experience at NTC and
       division level CPX, medical reports are best sent by the following

       A) BAS generates the medical reports.
       B) BAS forwards the report to the ALOC for transmission to the BDE ALOC.
       C) The Bde SI receives the medical reports.
       D) Reports are given to the BDE MED NCO.
       E) The BDE Med NCO is responsible for consolidating the reports from the Aid
       Stations and forwarding the information through the ALOC to DISCOM Medical
       F) DISCOM Medical Operations will also receive reports from the clearing
       6) DISCOM Med Ops is responsible for consolidating the Division's reports and
       +rewarding copies to: Division Medical Operations and COSC(3M Medical
       Regulating Office. An information copy will also be forwarded tc) the CORPS
       Medical Operations Center by DLSCOM & Division Medical Operations.

      4. When this system is not feasible, report copies made be send back with
       evacuation vehicles.

       5. As per Division FSOP, reports will be -transmitted in the most
       exipedious, feasible manner.

       6. POC this action is lLT Beyer, Division Medical Operations at 424B/4282.

                                            ELISABETH 6. BEYER
                                            ILT, MS
                                            Division Medical Operations

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