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Box  ID: BX001608

Document Number:         18

Folder Title: DS-S 326 MED BN                                                                                 

Folder Seq #:         34

Unit: 101ST ID    

Parent Organzation: XVIII CORPS 


                                                                             19 Sep 90,

                                       Information Paper

       SUBJECT: Doctrinal Emplaym6             r
                                   @nt of...NBC,,.P otective.Covers (NBC-PC)

       1. Description: The@.NBC Protective Co   er,, (N  C) is a self-exting uishing,
                                            @ Y. 1   .4p"p .
       impermeable, multiple reinfo@ced..plastic:sheeting.  The.NBC-PC to
       protect equipment and.supp.1-ies,froq.liqu2d contamination, thereby reducing the
       decontamination requirement following a (CB@ attack.

       2. Characteristics:

           a. The NBC-PC will protect ag@inst liquid che  mical.(THD, VX, TBD), T-2
       toxin, and liquid agents of biological origin. the p@otecti   -@e.cover retains
       its protective characteristics for a minimum of ZO days. However, once it's a.liquid agent or radicactive.,dLtst%p@rticl es, the.cover will
       prevent penetration for a.minimum.of 24 hours. The NBC-PC is not affected by
       POL products, and according to in itial test.results, it may actually increase
       resistance to penetration if it is coated with.PbL products. 'However, POL
       products cause.the cover to.ber_ome.stiff, increasing the likelihood of
       cracking and peeling,of the protective layers. The NBC-PC is designed to
       reduce decontamination requirements and therefore it is.not, in itself,
       reusable after cont.amrrration'.

           b. The  NBC-PC may be:

                 Written an using common ink  or  felt.t'ip marker to allow easy marking
       and identification of contents covered or time in  use.

                 Be used under all battlefield conditions including dust,   smoke,
       aerosols, rain, fog, salt water spray, salt fog, and haze.

 rail, sea, and ground vehicles.

           c. Additional Specifications:

              Shelf-life in Storage                    10 years

              Weight                                   100 pounds

              Dimensions                               20' x 20'

       3. Method of Employment:

           a. I+ intelligence sources indicate that the opposing force has a liquid
       agent dissemination capability, erect or cover those items that are considered
       to be subject to contamination. Use the NBC-PC to cover supplies, pallets,
       equipment, ... etc., to provide the using unit with a readily available and
       versatile contamination avoidance measure. It will also provide overhead
       contamination protection for individual and crew served weapons

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