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File: 091896_aug96_decls45_0001.txt
Page: 0001
Total Pages: 5

Subject: ANNEX D 5 SEP 90                                                

Box  ID: BX000517

Document Number:          4

Folder Title: XVIII ABC DESERT DRAGON OPORDS                                                                  

Folder Seq #:         11

Unit: ARCENT      

Parent Organzation: CENTCOM     


                                                                    H122' xviii AB@  CORPS    (@-D)@
                                                                    D         SAUDI   AWIA      (VK%QO32)
                                                                    5     90

                  ANNEX D TU    XVIII ABN   CORPS   OPLGN   DESEKT   DRAG()@' III    (U).'
                  L13SISTICS (U)

                  1.   (U) GENERAL.

                       a. (U)     Purpose. -To     provide    policy and.guidance        for logistical
                  support crF forces assigned or attached to XVIII Abn,Corps.
                       b.         Concept of Support.         Logistics supp   .t)rt is austerii. Supply
                  support is provided by Ist CMCOM            (-) by means 64 supply point
                  distribution. bulk POL is provided by                   Nation and.local contract.
                  Transportation is provided la@ host nation support, limited direct support
                  mission-assets, and organic unit ineahs when available. Services are
                  provided by a combination of civilian contracted support and host nation
                  support. Priority of supply and distribut             ion is to unit, :DSU'si and then
                  GS base-

                  2. (U)    SUPPLY.

                     a.           Corps-Level. lst      COSCOM C-) establishes Class          I/I(W)     and
                  Class V supply points. Units          requ@ resupply through Corps Support
                  Operations Center ("Blackja       'ck Base" - vicinity UK              ), 2nd Support
                  Center, via message, normal r@4udsting'6ri3cedLtr@, and,.-for- CL VII, the
                  LOBSTAT report. Locations of. lst COSCOM'paints: CL I,.Il, IV,
                  ITIP, VI - LJKOBOO33 (20 Sep 90 will 'relocate to LIK9951132); CL III (retail)
       - UK080033; and, Corps ASP           UK095075. CL III (laulk)'(Appendix 1).

                     b. (U) Division/Regiment/Brigade-Level. Supply Support Activities                       .
                  (SSA's)/Direct Support Units (DSU's) will-build and maintain the fallowing
                .requisitioning objectives (RD's).,

                            (1) (S)      Operating Level.
                     NON-ALOC ITEMS      -CL  11 I(W)*, III III (P), iv.                 5D13B
                                          -CL V                                          3DOS
                                          -CL III (B)**                                  IDOS
                                          -CL ix                                         71)@
                     ALOC ITEMS           -CL 11   (KAINT ITEMS)                      .15 DOS
                                              ix                                      15  DOS
                                  11.8 SL/MAN/DAY. Plus a 3         DOS contingency stock        of  bottled
                  water 0 3 BLIMAN/DAY. Use SDS or other storage system where                    possible.
                  Bulk water points and line haul will be ccK3rdinated -through 2nd Support
                  Center (UK057237).
                             **tfost Nation/Contractor support (Appendix 1).

                            (2)          Safety Level (as r@red)                15 DM

                            (3)          Order and Ship Time Car use actual time)
      DECLASSIFIED                                               D-1
      ON: II SEP 96
      BY: SEC ARMY (DAMH) UNDER SEC 3.4 EO 12958

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