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Subject: 1AD SUSPECTED CHEMICAL CASUALTIES                               

Box  ID: BX000222

Document Number:         38

Folder Title: 7 CORPS CHEMICAL BOOK 4                                                                         

Folder Seq #:        126

Unit: VII CORPS   

Parent Organzation: ARCENT      

                                  1 AD SUSPECTED CHEMICAL- CASUALTIES

                Per- conversation with MAl llc.Naimara, TAC, he got the -Following
          information from CP-r Gladney, I AD.

          29 Mar 91    -- Two children, ages 2 and 10, were seen by @i Combat
          Lifesaver (CLS) at C19@ZsfEs and lf@100. The -First child had blisters on
          le-Ft arm and the second on the- le-Ft leg. Both were dime sized and
          -filled with yellowish pus. They were cleaned topically but not
          opened and both were released.

                At        an adult inale, reported to a CLS with eight small
          blisters an front of left sfiin.    The largest was the size of i-, half
          dollar and were draining pus. CLS applied ointment And bandages.

          30 Mar 91 -- The adult m@ile returned with bandages and ointnien
          missing from where had been scratching the blisters.         He also had
          -Additional blisters on the same leg.           The original blisters
          contained pus that was more yellow.        SGT RivL-ra, the senior- CLS,
                  leaned the blisters.    SP@ Jones remembered some comments he
          had heard about treating civilians for blisters and tested the
          outside tD-F them with MB paper@    The result    was a pale pin@:. color
          with MB paper.

                That same day, two adults saw helicopters people
          with the result being children twitching and dying.

          31 Mar 91 -- Same adult from previous days again showed up with
          bandages and ointment removed and blisters scratched.            The CL.S
          reported it to the medical. platoon leader who too[,- the man to the
          BAS Ah@-re he was treated xnd released.

                That same day, two Fo,.@ vehicles were dispatched 'co the site
          but none of the v-lr-tiins have again shown

                The CG, I AD          submit ,, report to LTG Frqn@-.,.s sometime

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