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Subject: ANTHRAX                                                         

Box  ID: BX001429

Document Number:          3

Folder Title: MEDICAL INFORMATION  ANTHRAX AND MEDEVAC PROCEDURES                                             

Folder Seq #:        408

Unit: 24TH ID     

Parent Organzation: XVIII CORPS 


            1. Purpose. To provide information on the medical aspects of

            2. Facts.

                a.   Anthrax is caused by a spore forming bacteria %.,bich normally
                     affects animals primarily cattle. Under natural renditions,
                     man becomes Infected by contact with Infected animals.
                     Potential sites of disease occur In the skin, gastrointestinal
                     system and the lungs. The skin and Intestinal forms are more
                     common and easily treated.

                b.   Used as a biological weapon. anthrax resul.ts In pulmonary
                     disease, a rare form which is transmitted via inhalation of
                     the spores. The means of delivery is acrosoli7-ation via
                     spraying or munition. Once inhaled the onset of symptoms
                     vari@- from I - 5 days and includes fever, weakness and a non-
                     productive cough. This Is followed by a recovery phase of 2 -
                     4 days. Subsequently. severe respiratory problems develop
                     leading to death in cost cases. The spores are very
                     persistent and can remain in the soil Indefinitely despite
                     high temperatures.

                c.   The protective mask provides complete protection against the
                     Inhalation of anthrax spores. A vaccine Is aval@le In
                     limited quantities but la not currently scheduled for
                     administration to 24th ID (M) soldiers. Prophylaxis
                     (pre-treatment) with antibiotic ciprofloxecin Is effective and
                     thus it will be Issued to all 24th ID soldiers through medical
                     channels. The unit of issue Is 10 tablets per soldier (5 day
                     Supply. 2 tablets per day). Based upon the threat level, each
f 10 tablets. The
                     antibiotic doxycycline (100 mg twice a day) Is an alternative
                     In patients allergic to ciprofloxacin.

                d.   Recognition of the employment of biological weapons Is
                     difficult. Currently, there are no mechanical rapid detection
                     systems. The use of biological weapons should be suspected
                     when any of the following are observed: munltlon producing
                     cloud or mist, large numbers of deceased livestock, and an
                     unusual incidence of flu - like symptors or pneumonia in

                e.   Upon high probability or confirmation of exwsure to a
                     biological weapon agent initiation of use of ciprofloxaciii
                     will be determined by command. The dosing schedule will bc- I
                     tablet twice a day. Furthermore. if anthrax exposure Is
                     confirmed, c4profloxaciii will be continued for, 30 days as I
                     tablet twice a day. In addition, exposed unvacciiiated
                     personnel will begin and co:.iplete the 2 shot anthrax vaccine
                     series during the 30 day course of antibiotics. Sufficient
                     quantities of ciprofloxacin for prophylaxis are available In
                     the Division. Quantities of vaccine and ciprofloxacin for
                     post - exposure treatment are being stockpiled in theater.

                                                   J. BenJamin HALI./Division Surgeon

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