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File: 092496_aug96_decls47_0001.txt
Page: 0001
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Subject: SOUTH LOC VETERINARY MEETING  TRIP REPORT                       

Unit: 22D SUPCOM  

Parent Organization: ARCENT      

Box ID: BX005153

Folder Title: HISTORICAL FILE  NORTH-SOUTH LOC VETERINARY MEETINGS                                            

Document Number:          5

Folder SEQ  #:         24

                                             7@PARTMENT OF THE ARMY
                                        3@- T'@, @@ETERINARY HEADQUARTERS
                                               P,IYP.D@l, SAUDI ARABIA
                                               APO NEW YORK 09772

                                                                                             1 Feb 91

                  MEMORANDUM FOR @@IOL Aim, ARCEN-1 MEDCOM Assistant Chief of
                  St f@, Vet@@iii-&i>, @le-.-vi       s

                                Souti@ LOC Veterinary Meetiri,)/Trip Report

                                 c       MAJ Jeff Record, 5th Special
                  V(D,Sels iig, '3tl@ Special Forces Group, LTC Capupoia and CPT
                          ri, 40-"rc@ Civil Affairs Company (attachec2 to ist Marine
                  E,Ilpeditici @>, @(Dr a (MEF), CPT Sutton, 422nd MST, 483rd V.(---
                  @-'fiuE@rs and @sCOs, 888th officers and N'@Os and -@,S6th
                  officers and @@Cos, COL Trask and MAJ Gross EAC Vet office.

                  2@   Mr              r@ai@di cl cut more ODS 40-ls and went over blank
                  forms ind @--p4Di-ts with all present.

                  3, @IAJ Gaisei- 4C,3r@j reported that all @ONEXs labeled
                  'Medical      " -,atioris at port were not medical Ss but jLi
                  pl,.i)-: Ds consisting of 1 CONEX sugar, I CONEX flour, 1 CC,
                                1 CONEX shortening. 7th Transportation was fnov
                       to K"<@i@- and 20% tc, Al C@osaibi Theater Operational
                  Rations Warehouse, Dhahran.

                       MAJ Ciaiser also reported that 248th h d c@c, t cted 483rd.
                     @&Y C !J          Pull      Out before 248th so only Enemy
                  F"r-is(-)rierE, of War (EF,t@) and EVP.C Hospital food sources '@eft
                  t  check in tl)                   area; may only require 1-91R from
ser Dr CPT Ad r@,s will travel to Polaski and
                  t)@,ck (out this       @) v4 ek.

                       Co!- -i)ask distributed, @.,-ithi-ax vaccine hc- had obtained
                  f i- -In i(Ti@nuniz t,'Ioii of 433rd and first immunization of
                  E@38L@-j@ 3@,th, and                 volunteers.

                       P'j Nye-,, 4          M@' reported that he had atterripte t
                                             x,,- are tasked to support at Cafrip 3 biL
                               Sahara  they v4 r@-.      He was then sent to the Black
                          @,,)cl 4-@hc@ -@.M@, Rear Party with no further luck; wili
                  1--tefnpl- a ain           w ek to find, fill out MWD C i@ti-al Data
                  @,he,ets       Ll@,cci    amples for       abesia.

                       MAJ Nye also reported Marines are ispersii@g dogs and
                  f   c3   ici'    Liesteci 3-O'@Fs @,.nd 1-91T additional Support.                   @-OL
                    a     11)    u' @- I i z i i@com i r@ @-@SC-91R volunteers IRR
                                   @zfici         oi- 3 6,+@h @lTs to fill request within
                  we k.

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