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Subject: DELOUSING  26 JAN 91                                            

Unit: 22D SUPCOM  

Parent Organization: ARCENT      

Box ID: BX005203

Folder Title: DELOUSING                                                                                       

Document Number:         14

Folder SEQ  #:         29

                                                                                    r.q)(C @

             TO: 14G Paganis                           26 January 91 1352 hrs.
             FROM: LTC Eshelbrenner 9-7899-683/486

             SUBJECT: Delousing

             1. Reference card to CG on 25 Jan returned 26 Jan with comment "NO GO! ... must
             use powder".

             2. As mentioned In the reference card, lindane powder is not recommended. The
             Directorate of Combat Development, and The Airborne and Field Service
             Department at Fort Lee advised us previously in regard to delousing of soldiers
             for clothing exchange and bath (CEB) that the Surgeon General had banned the
             use of lindane powder in 1987 or 1988. We have requested copy of message.

             3. In addition, while delousing remains a field service, there is little or no
             equipment in the Army inventory. Each S&S Co is authorized one each Delousing
             Outfit Power Driven, 10 gun. I have requested information from the CORPS and
             EAC concerning whether any S&S Co. has this equipment. Fort Lee
             representatives indicate that is unlikely. Fort Lee has only one, which is for
             display purpose only. No training is or has been provided on this equipment
             since at least 1985. In addition, the manufacturer of this equipment has been
             out of business for several years, and little if any class IX is available.

             4. While lindans powder is available in country, its use should be limited to
             treatment of latrine to control Infestation.

             5. The recommended treatment for lice according to the organizations
             referenced in paragraph 1 is either lindane cream (60 gran), NSN 6506-00-268-
             8279, or lindane shampoo (2 oz.) 6505-00-268-8574. Currently the PBO in
             does not have these items on hand, if they will let us know their requirements
             we can coordinate pick up or delivery. The tube of cream will treat two
             individuals, the shairpoo will treat one individual.

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