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Subject: OPERATIONS SUMMARY                                              

Unit: 3D AD       

Parent Organization: VII  CORPS  

Box ID: BX001339

Folder Title: DSJ - TOC LOGS  3D AD MAIN CP - 28-29 MAR 91                                                    

Document Number:         25

Folder SEQ  #:         20

                             0     UNCLASSIFIED

   From: CDR, 3AD
   To: CDR, VII Corps, GS
   DATE: 271800C MAR 91 to 281800'@ MAR 91

   Fart 1: Operations Summary: The Division continued its interdiction mission
   along Highway 8 with 12 checkpoints in operation. The Silkworm destruction
   mission was executed at 281155C Mar. A sweep of the area confirmed that all
   missiles/warheads were destroyed with no collateral damage discovered. The
   bunker complex destruction was completed at 281600C Mar. The refugee situation
   in the Division sector was quiet throughout the day. Totals on humanitarian
   -tid are at para V below. The 3rd Bde conducted their final CALFEX at Thunder
   Range with the 5-18th Inf today. The 2nd Bde conducted a reconnaissance of
   the suspected chemical munition storage site (OU404547), TAW Corps Frago 189-91.
   The site contains a regimental size ammunition dump. No chemical munitions were
   found. The site will be revisited by EOD personnel at a later date.

   Part 11: Plans Summary: Current planning focuses on the defense of
   Northern Kuwait and civil military operations.

   PART III: Commander's Operational Plans: Contingency planning for the
   Defense of Northern Kuwait and redeployment to FRG.

   PART IV: Commander's Comment: Kuwaiti military are present in the 3AD sector.
   Request specifics as to their mission and their present method of command and

   PART V: Daily Report of Civil Military Operations

                                                     Last 24 Hrs         'Total

   a.  # cases MREs distributed to civilians             386             5021

   b.  # cases/gals water distrubuted to civilians       237             2489

   C.  # cases MRE O/H for distribution                  N/A               264

   d.  # cases water O/H for distribution                N/A             11423

   e.  # civilian medical patients treated               299             2503

N/A             4800

   g.  Arcent provided bulk food. The following    was  distributed today:

                          36,000 lbs rice
                            2,500 lbs beans
                              900 lbs flour              DECLASSIFIED
                              390 lbs sugar              ON: 19 AUG 96
                                                         BY: SEC ARMY (DAM@NDER SEC
   There is no bulk food O/H at this time.               3.4 EO 12958

   PART VI: Commander's Evaluation: The division is prepared to continue defensive
   operations or execute offensive operations.

   F,OC 3AD is CPT Marshall L. Clevenger, 63 Opns, D-MAIN, MSE 320-3352.

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