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Subject: WEEKLY ACTIVITIES RPT ARCENT MEDCOM                             

Unit: 22D SUPCOM  

Parent Organization: ARCENT      

Box ID: BX005153

Folder Title: SAUDI ARABIAN AGRI AND DIARY CO LTD                                                             

Document Number:         13

Folder SEQ  #:          5

                                 WEEKLY ACTIVITIES REPORT
                                      ARCENT MEDCOM

          22 Feb 91

                Peace initiative being discussed between Iraq, Russia,
          United States and U.N. Iraq fired loo more oil wells in Kuwait.
                COL Trask traveled to Dhahran to hold meeting with 483rd and
          356th Medical Detachments. COL Trask returned to Riyadh with MRE
          samples CPT Adams had pulled in Oman to send to loth Medical Lab
          in Landstuhl.   CPT Adams found the MRE's in Oman,   previously
          condemned by USAF EHO'S, fit for consumption and containing few
          if any defects.   COL Alm discussed treatment of Babesia positive
          dogs with COL Barrows of OTSG. The general impression of
          consultant in the U.S. is that dogs should be treated with
          clindamycin and retested in 60 days on site in Saudi Arabia.      COL
          Barrows also relayed that the rumor of Purina Company to send six
          million dollars to Saudi Arabia to transport pets back to the
          U.S. was untrue.
                LTC Lively coordinated with LTC Dutton of 44th Med Bde (18th
          ABC) to have 3 active duty 91RIs, SGT Anne Hansen, SGT Judy
          Kidwell and SSG Scot Mabry transferred up to KKMC on Saturday.
          COL Trask will pick them up and bring them to Riyadh and COL Alm
          will reassign the two female Sergeants to MAJ Gaiser of the 483rd
          and SSG Mabry will be assigned to CPT Thompson's MST in Riyadh as
                COL Alm was notified that COL Jones, VC, USAR FORSCOM, TPU,
          will probably be assigned to MEDCOM in the next two weeks.     COL
          Alm will find him a job. Probably as Military Veterinary
                LTC John Wade, USAMRICD and CENTCOM tranferred a footlocker
          full of drugs; Ketamine, Pentothal and Atropine to COL Trask to
          be used as Veterinary Theater Drug asset.
     MAJ Adamson and MAJ Wilson returned to Jeddah with Medical
          supplies via Tabuk, they will stay over in Tabuk I day to perform
          a couple of sanitaries and perform surgery on a cryptorchid
          Military working dog.

          23 Feb 91

                Another SCUD attack at 0510 this morning. President Bush
          gives Saddam Hussein a deadline of 1200 EST to sign withdrawal
                COL Trask and MAJ Gross traveled to KKMC for northern LOC
          meeting with 422nd Med Det.    He returned with SSG Mabry but left
          the two female 91RIs with the 422nd Med Det.
                COL Alm wrote to USDA and APHIS to request information on
          all export requirements for plant and animal materials for
          retrograde of personnel and equipment back to CONUS from Gulf
          Coast Countries.   He also requested Foreign animal disease
          handbooks for all theater Vets from Dr. Glasser of USDA.     COL Alm
          provided the S-3 ARCENT MEDCOM a scenario and plan for retrograde
          movement of veterinarians back to U.S. upon completion of
          Operation Desert Storm.

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