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File: 110596_aug96_decls7_0002.txt
Page: 0002
Total Pages: 6

Subject: 22ND SUPCOM MEDICAL GROUP DAILY SITREP 5 OCT 91                 

Unit: 22D SUPCOM  

Parent Organization: ARCENT      

Box ID: BX005151

Folder Title: MED GP -PROV-  DAILY SITREPS  OCT 91                                                            

Document Number:         65

Folder SEQ  #:          3

                                     "..@2ND St.)F'COM ME@-DIC@L GF@'OL,@F, @PROV) L)AIL-Y qI'fREF'
                                                  (DI.JE NL..                THE DAY ()FI-El@',

            U@41 I - F',m                               A      0 F: 'I., 4'H R b' f 1) A T'L@   tf@ CICIT 91

            F,ERSONAL.-'                  @ISS I GNED             f-'Rf.--SENI FOR DUTY
        A@  OFF
        B.  t@J 0                              1
          . EI\IL
        D . COMF'f]NENr- OC           16       ARNG            I   I F@IR           INA               I- F't.
          . HEr)t.-'FH (,'AF-,E F'RC'IVIDERS           MC'     I     f)!--          AN                @-A

        4.  C3F@D AMB (TO@I.E):                r@. A SIGNED                    F fIC                  NM(.
        5 . DI-JST (IF: F

        6 . F'AD INF(.)-.
            A.   OF'EF@'A I I ON BEDS
            S.   AVAIL(,\Bl--E BEDS
            C.   C)L.)jF'ATIEI\IF VISI-R          MY           NAVY         IF-
            D.   HOSF' ADMISSIONS              ARMY            NAVY         (4F          usmc           Olt-iEF@
            E.   REILJRNS TO DL)[Y             Pi f-,M Y       NAVY                      L.! N.C@       OTFI@-.F"
            F.   DEATHS                        ()I MY          NAVY         Al-          u@mt,          CJ I i-i I- I,-"
            G.   L)"f'RA-fEGI.C@ EVo@"'-,.     ARMY            NAVY         AF           usmc;          Ci I HER
            H .  HCDSI' NATION BEDS            OCCUI@'IED

        7.  r'IEDEV(@C@ MISSIOI@S. A.          ""' I Fk'             B. t.@RC't-jNf)

        B.  F'M INSF@'ECI IONS          @@l

        c?. DEN-[ Al--- V I S I I S. @"'. RC-IL.J T I i\JE           B. EMERGENCY

        I f@J. SIGNIFlt-,'ANI-                   SHCJRI'Af.@ES/(."R.11-IC(4L ICDS(.jES,         NONE

        11.    SIGNIF'ICANI' ACTIVi.ilEc@' VJI"N L..ASI 2@@ H

                 INSF'ECFED BARGE J.)IN. FAC REF. NEW Dl()RF@l-IE@)S -- I'[- A'N' r THAF @)IN. FAC@
@@.'.R fi-JEF@E.. MAY BE THE
                 FL-YF'AF'I--R W(IR@:,S.
                         F'MC@S OF VE@ilCL- S.
                 DISFRI.Lq'l) NEW SL) Vk-.ILL.ANCE                        S'[L). iL-,'ON-IAC-1 SHE..  -E: FS, DIARRHEA
                 f-!UES-FIC)I'@NAI.RES I(]             EVOC@ TMC.

        I      SUMI'I(@RY OF PL           FC)F,,' NE..XL 2LI @IR:S,

                 ()WOF-,DS, NCLIERS, (.-jf.--RS.
                 Wf..)F:@@'. ON CFIL... HAI',L.EY BRIEFING

        13. (.,'OMMANI)ERS CONIYIENTS.

               RHEOFER'S WIN.C)11\1(@ DOWN --- YE)LJ @',@02)N F: I L-L- 1 F I N             HE A 1,@,

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