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File: 970107_aug96_decls2_0001.txt
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Subject: MEDICAL SUPPORT                                                 

Unit: 11TH SIG BDE

Parent Organization: ARCENT      

Box  ID: BX002006

Folder Title: historical report-11th signal brigade s-1-2                                                     

Document Number:         25

Folder Seq  #:          7


            (u) MEDICAL SUPPORTZ
               Sick call also at one period in the AOR was the sole

               responsibility of Brigade SI. It was combined with mail run and

               distribution run. It should have never been alirs to begin with,

               this deliyed mail and, this responsibility was turned over to

               battalions and companies. Our only concerned was with HHC, lith

               Signal Brigade, when necessary. The real problem was lack of

               transportation and the willingness to lot Brigade do everything.

               Upon arrival in the AOR, medical support was accessible. We were

               located on the airbase which had 3 medical units available.

               Routine sick calls were treated by 5th MASH. When the main body

               of the brigade started to arrive in theater the following


                   a. relocated to the part

                   b. port did not have medical clinics for sick call

                   C. transportation was required to take personnel on

               E?mergL,ncy/sick call

                   d. only certain personnel knew the route to 5th MASH

                   e. it took over 20 minutes to drive -From the part to the


                   4. other medical support units were unknown

               Medical Support units jumped a lot and we did not know where,

               when and who were going to be their replacements.

               Therc? were numerous inquiries on the locations a+ our servicing

               units. After long hours of research and coordination, we p
                                    CL\Sff@D BY @ 380 86, @C DECLASSWICATION G@E, DTD 15 @ 84, T@LE 2 P@ 2D(2)


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