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Subject: THE 11TH AVIATION BRIGADE STORY                                 

Unit: VII CORPS   

Parent Organization: ARCENT      

Box  ID: BX000280

Folder Title: THE 11TH AVIATION BRIGADE STORY                                                                 

Document Number:         11

Folder Seq  #:         73

                   Beginning of Airwar, Scud alerts, Map exercise
                               The lith Aviation Brigade
                                        Part X

               Of particular note was the start of the Air campaign on 17
          January 1991. At approximately 0200 hrs local Saudi Arabian
          time, the aviation Commanders notified the sergeant of the guard
          to awaken all of the soldiers, tell them to get in their bunkers
          and to have the Platoon Leaders to report to the TOC as soon as
          possible. The Platoon Leaders were informed that the Airwar had
          started at approximately 0230hra and to inform their soldiers.
          Within minutes of the initial alert, all of the companies (US
          and UK) were fully outfitted, alert, and in protective bunkers.
          There was no panic and all soldiers acted professionally.
               The reactions among the troops varied, but held a lot of
          tension and created an air of anticipation around the corps.
          Many voiced the opinion that they were relieved that the air war
          had finally begun, only now we had to wait for the grand war to
               During A/5-1@59 Aviations stay at Myrtle Beach, they
          received, supported, and oriented a British CH-47 unit. This
          unit of 16 British CH-47s was a composite of an eight ship
          Chinook unit from the United Kingdom. They all shared a mutual
          protective berm, runway, guards, communications systems
          including a loud speaker announcement system, NBC alarms and
          other early warning systems. Although the US Army and UK
          Chinook unit had many differences, the amalgamation of many
          different systems yielded fantastic results. In case of a
          ground attack, air attack, NBC attack or just routine
          announcements, the loud speaker system could be used to let both
          units know all information simultaneously. Because of the
          difference in alarm systems, they all had to practice
          incorporating each others system. Also, both units had access
          to each other's tactical phone system. This permitted each unit
          to access, not only each other, but their higher headquarters
          and intelligence information. Also, nightly meetings were held
          in the Company A Tactical Operations Center (TOC), where
          intelligence to both units was shared, and the latest Airspace
          Control Orders (ACO) were discussed among the pilots. The
          coordination was so effective that their mutual support
          significantly enhanced priority re-supply operations on the VII
          (US) corps.
               When the air war began, the risk of a SCUD coming close to
          home was high. Having a Patriot missile site less than two
          miles to the southeast of the base was both comforting and
          ominous. It could shoot down the incoming SCUDS, but it also
          made the area a more important target. On the night of 23
          January 1991, about 0100 hrs, we were awakened by distinct and
          very loud explosions to the south. As we bolted up right in our
          cots, the undeniable question was asked, "Did that come from the
          Patriot Site?" Seconds seemingly became days and after
          approximately 1.5 seconds past, bodies were being launched out
          of the sleeping bags, some not getting completely out of the

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