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File: 970203_sep96_decls28_0001.txt
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Subject: 1-7 CAVALRY SQUADRON CHRONOLOGY                                 

Unit: 1ST CD      

Parent Organization: VII  CORPS  

Box  ID: BX001102

Folder Title: 1-7 CAVALRY SQUADRON CHRONOLOGY-ANNEX I                                                         

Document Number:          1

Folder Seq  #:          4


                                          ANNEX I

                              1-7 Cavalry Squadron Chronology

                 2 Al-tri Iraqi invasion of Kuwait
                 11 Altg First Cavalry Division alerted for deployment
                 16 Sep Ist Cavalry Division -recon team l@aves for Saudi
                        Arabia. "Bpat people" leave to accompany
                        eq '.I i PM ent.
                 '@7 Sep A/1-7 with some HHT personnel de-nar-t for Saudi
                        Arabia.. Nine soldiers from C/1-7 and D/1-7 depart
                        for Saudi Arabia with D/227.
                 8 Oct  OH-56s arrive in Saudi Arabia
                 12 Oct HHT, C, and D fly to Saudi Arabia (1500)
                 13 Oct HHT, C, and D arrive in Saudi Arabia (1930)
                 14 Oct B & E troop leave for Saudi Arabia
                 15 Oct Cobras and remaining OH-58s arrive in Saudi Arabia
                 16 Oct Air troops conduct pre-flight inspections
                 le Oct "Set Train Maine" arrives Dammam, Saudi Arabia
                 16 Oct Ql-tartet@ing party 'recons future Camp Garry Owen 1
                 21 Oct Squadron moves out of port to Camp Garry Owen 1
                 L-3 Oct Helicopters arrive at Camp Garry Owen I
                 1 Nov  Reefer van arrives ett Camp (3arry Owen I
                        Bandit DP spots Syrian Hind helicopter
                        Brigadier General Tilelli awards lst Cav coins to
                        SGT Ferguson, PVT Rodgers (@'nd Plt-B Trp)
                 12 Nov Half Moon Bay trip"
                 11 Nov Change of command in A Troop
                 13 Nov National Geographic reporter arrives
                 19 Nov Good Morning America broadcast
                 17 Nov Squadron Christmas video made
                 2@' Nov Thanksgiving
                 @'5'Nov .50 cal range, Pegasus Range
ws reporter
                 @,7 Nov First phones home (free)
                 29 Nov "Desert Docs of PRAMCO" serve 1-7 a barbecue
                 9 Dec  Notified of impending move north, squadron
                 13 Dec A Troop HET to Dammam for M3A2 NET
                 14 Dec LA Troop HET to Dammam for NET
                 15 Dec E Troop HET to Dammam for NET
                 17 Dec A Troop to Pegasus Range
                 IS Dec 8 Troop to Pegasus Range

                                                            ON: 03 JAN 97
                                                            t5T: @r-t, ARMY (DAMH) UNDER
                                                            SEC 3.4 EO 12958

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