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File: 970203_sep96_decls6_0001.txt
Page: 0001
Total Pages: 20

Subject: OPER DESERT VICTORY 1 AD REDEPLOYMENT                           

Unit: 1ST AD      

Parent Organization: VII  CORPS  

Box  ID: BX001205

Folder Title: OPERATION DESERT VICTORY 1 AD REDEPLOYMENT                                                      

Document Number:          1

Folder Seq  #:         20


         VII Corps MissioLk.   Plan, coordinate, and manage the redeployment a+
                            to FRG.   Coordinate the storage of equipment and
         supplies 'reiiiiifiitig ii,i theater.

         VII CgrDs intent.    I\Ione stated.

         IAD IIISSION. 0/0 IAL) moves from TAA to Camp Kasserine, prepare
         personnel and equipment +or shipment/storage as required; redeploys as
         directed to FRG.

         IAD Intent. I intend to move the Division From TAA to Camp @'asserine
         in a safe, orderly fashion ensuring no Division equipment is left
         be@iind in Kuwait ar- Iraq and no soldiers are irijur-L-ci.   On closure in
         Camp Kasserine, I expect units to execute disciplined plans rapidly
         reestab.Liski property accountability and prepare equipment for- shipment
         and/or storage, and personnel +or redeployment to Germany.         The bull,
         of the I)i,/ision's personnel are likely to redeploy prior to final
         turn-in of unit equipment. To facilitate the rapid, smooth         closure
         a+ the Division@s main body. I intend to complete Division         turn-in of
         eqLiipment/vehicles at KK'MC. However, units whose equipment       is to be
         returned to FRG must be prepared to provide trail parties to drive
         wheeled vehicles to the port and upload tricks on HETs if Corps
         efforts to find alternate means +ail. Size of trail parties will be
         kept to an absolute minimum. Through all stages of redeployment
         preparation, units will focus their e++ortsb a-F soldier- health arid
         welfare, equipment recovery/restaratiori to the highest possible
         standards (tj/in time and parts availability constraints), and
         preparation of transition plans to close all units ifito FRG and resume
         operations. Safety is my highest priority. The Division will execute
, meeting all requirements
         while safeguarding every soldiers life. Commanders must ensure the
         strictest standards of professionalism are en-Forced as we execute-- the
         compie,< mis-@ic3(i.

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Document 20 f:/Week-48/BX001205/OPERATION DESERT VICTORY 1 AD REDEPLOYMENT/oper desert victory 1 ad redeployment:0128971851538
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File Cabinet = Week-48
Box ID = BX001205
Unit = 1ST AD
Parent Organization = VII CORPS
Folder Seq # = 20
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