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File: 970203_sep96_decls7_0001.txt
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Subject: 1ST BRIGADE CHRONOLOGY ANNEX B                                  

Unit: 1ST CD      

Parent Organization: VII  CORPS  

Box  ID: BX001102

Folder Title: 1ST BRIGADE CHRONOLOGY-ANNEX B                                                                  

Document Number:          1

Folder Seq  #:         23


                                                      (@iNt,,[E:X B

                                           Ist rir-iaade Chronology

                     1.  TIME 7@01,4E LISED T@iFOLIGilOiJT    iliril.pss otl-iprw:Lsp- i5;taLL-.d,
                     all, times referred to in t:l-ii,s chi-c3iiology are local times
                     @Zone C)
                     2.   F'tJRPOO@E: To provide inforni@l.-Liori concerriii-ig t:l-ie
                     critical events within the ist Brigade during the time
                     period i'@ January 117?1 to l@-I March 1991.

                         Phase One.- De-FLrisE: North of the Tapline Road

                         a. Phase One began on 13 January 1991. The brigade
                     received orders to move from FPiPi WENDY and establish a
                     defense in sector.        The dafk-nri@,f@ sector was initially
                     sout@i of the Tapline Road and oriented to the earth
                     rough I.y parallel to the Wadi Al P,--,Lin.          This phase
                     concluded on 26 Januztry when ti-ir., bi-iqacie moved north to a
                     ri F-,t,4 d L@@ F?fi i vf-.-@ Fec.--trjr Liri eritp-.2ci air I(:)@ if the SaLtcJ i --I r EL (I b order
                     to t@ie north arid the Wadi. i7il Batii-) in the

                         b. Important staff                   conducted di-tring t@i2 pl-iisc-

                              1) The p.lariniri(3                 for the
                     during this phase
                                   a) Defend critical lt--igist:Lcs ba-@c@- and t-lSRi5
                     located vicinity I:.".ina t.'.tialid lv!4@litirv City and the Wadi I-'il
                     Bait i n.
                                   b) Begii-)                 of plan-, an(-. orders foi-
                     offensive o   oeratioi-is dt-ii-;.ng Operation DESERT STORt'l.
                           c) CoardiriatF2 the logistical buildup required
                     for sustained combat operation .

                              I-) Major orders pLtblisi-it.?d.
                                   a) FRAGO ?I-O@-: Defend in Sector fromi t@S6904E35
                     to tJ-@9607,@5. Issued to subor(:Ii.ric-Lil.c2 units I.L7)0"00 iariuaii,,y
                                   b) Ffl(,Gr.1           Dc@@fF@rid in Sectt:)i- froli
                     to N'@990510. Issued '                     units :)ii the evening of
                     4.5 January.


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