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                     In preparation for combat operations in the Gulf War, TF 2-606 had deployed to      .Saudi Arabia in mid.
                    AugustlgW. FroinitsbasewestofthoSauditownofSafwahtheTFpreparedforcombatthroughfour
                    months of arduous individual squacl- platoon. company and battalion level training. On 6 Januwy the
                    T.- been its =ova-nxnt to the combat zone.
                     Using wheeled vehicle &"ets the TF deployed to 7%umamah 4rfield and established its t&ctic4l &3aem@
                    bly art& From t@ base 70 kilometers north of Riyadh, TF 2-606 assumed the ARCENT QWck Reaction
                    .Force mis4sion to defend key military and diplomatic targets in Riyadh from level three terrorist threats.
                    Unit commanders conducted extwaive reco=ul;ssances and rehearsals and developed target folds" to pre.
                    pare for the QRF misdm During this period the Gulf air war began. TF 2-605 personnel deployed to
                    Riyadh mfUtgLry nlrfielfi and witnessed the first SCUD attacks on Riyadh.
                    Whileat'Milm*mmh-TF2-605co=mmcedplanningforitaroleinthecominggroundwar. Followingthe
                    advance of the French eth Light Armored Division in the weat from Fhaffa toward As SaimAn eirfielti
                    TF 2-605 ba conjunction with TF 1-605 and 3-606 would turn out at As Sslmgn and "tabl(sh blocking
                    positions along the main mutes of agrees for the Iraqi 16th. 26th. and 26th ItLiantry Divisions. The Task
                    Force's principle miwou was to destroy enemy forces retreating from the Kuwaiti'Meater of Operations.
                    The Task Force also prepared contingency plan MOSBY in rep=3e to the report-ad buildup of Iraqi forces
                    alorLgthezoneofadvanoe(MSRTF,XAS). AspartofCONPLANMOSBY,TF2-505inewrdinatfonwith
                    TF 1-606 w@ma to air amault north of the French objective Rochimbeau and establish blocking positions
                    to destroy enemy rddoroen=ts &am the north and withdrawing uaita frc= the Smith. The unit's t-aim,
                    TF WHEELS. would move north on MSR TEXAS to Unk-up with the main body at the objective.
                    On 3 February 1991, TF 2-605 commenced itz n2ovement to TA-A PLUM (Rhaffa) the northern staging
                    area from which TF 2-505 would been Its attack- Moving by a combination of air and ground assets, the
                    Task Force dosed on TAA PLUM on 6 February 1991. During the course of the following IS days, TF
                    2-506finaRteditaniiseonpl=ning,cmductedrebasiBals,andoomplateditsoombatiot@. WbanG-Day
                    was firmly designated on 24 February, the TF was ready.
                    On G-1 the 7F nudn body moved to its PZ at Rh&ffa Airfield and TF WHEELS moved to Its attack posi-
                    tionjustahortoftheSaudi-Iraqibarder. OnG-i-i,TFWHEELSoommenceditemovwnmtnorthin
                    oonjuncticinwiththeSdBdaTraim. Badweathwandrainfollowedbysdustwtorindelayedtheeirinove-
                    memtoftheTF."Afnbody. ButonG-1-3(27Februaryl9-Ol)themainbocLvuuooesashdlypenetratadlraqi
                                                                                        S@ A IrSeld- TF VHMELS qukldy
                                                                                        on the DZ. received a FRAGO to can-
                                                                                        Objective GOLD was an ammunition
                    storage area just southeast of the town of An Naairiyab,      tween the TAIM and J*Ebah -irfields.
                     On G-1--4 (28 February) the Task Farce advanced 46 kilometers against little reglSt4LMOO stopping just
                    shot-tofPhaseLinaCOB. Ckaringopers-tionscontinuedonG-@-6asthaTFmovednorthtowardObje

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