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File: 980724_sep96_decls10_0001.txt
Page: 0001
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Subject = DOHA ACCIDENT UPDATE                                            

Box ID = BX007018

Folder title = DOHA ACCIDENT UPDATE 29 JUL 91 B                                                                

Unit = OSAGWI      

Parent = USAGWD      


      type 22
      (message   22: 3497 bytes)
      Date,.    Mon, 29 Jul 91 9:11:39 GM
      From:     communications Electronics Cmd 
      To:       amsel-cg@MONMOUTH-EMH2.ARMY.MIL, amsel-dcg@MONMOUTH-ENH2.ARMY.MIL,
                amr.el-dcb@moNMOUTH-MCH2.AR14Y.KIL, x'mcal-cs@MONMOUTH-PM2.ARMY.MIL
      CC,.      cecozOcwt@ODS-HOST16.ARMY.XILF amsel-sf@MONMOUTE-EMH3.ARMY.MIL,
                ansel-lc@MONMOUTH- M 2.ARMY.MIL
      Subject:  Doha Accident Update

      1. This milnet was provided to MG McGrath and MG Arwood at HQ AMC
      on 29 July 91.
      2. The following is the current status of the Doha Camp Accident
      Site Survey:
          a. Depl@'@ed Uranium (DU) Recovery Team, US Army Armament,
      Munitions, and chemical Command,, Rock Island, IL. The DU
      Recovery Teamhas completed assessment of the MI Tank in the area
      cleared by EOD. They have determined that the tank has
      contamination in the ammunition compartment and must by shipped
      to the US for disposal as radioactive material. Plans are for
      EOD to clear an area on 29 July so the remaining tanks can be
      removed from the uncleared area for assessment. The Damage
      Assessment Team determined that two of the three remaining Ml
      tanks have similar damage to the tank in the cleared area and
      will require return to the US for disposal as radioactive
      material. With access to the MI tanks the team estimates       it can
      complete their mission in 3 days. The team has made arrangements
      for HET transport to the Dammann Port and ship transport to the
      US. The ship arrives 2 Aug 91 and will depart 6 Aug 91.
          b. Damage Assessment Team, Ballistics Research Laboratory,
      Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD. The Damage Assessment Team has
      completed assessment on all combat vehicles in the areas cleared
      by EOD. Plans are for EOD to clear an area to the six M109
      Howitzers on 30 July. With access to the howitzers the team
      estimates they can complete their mission within 24 hours.

          c. US Army Radiological Control (RADCON) Team, US Amy
      communications-Electronics Command, Fort Monmouth, NJ. The Army
      RADCON Team has completed radiation surveys of all areas cleared
      by the EOD unit. The dump site located near the camp 'were debris
      was discarded was also surveyed. No areas of removable
      contamination were found. The survey of the dump site located
      one DU penstrator which was recovered for disposal. Three 55-
      gallon drums containing DU penetrators and a pile of burned
      penetrators are in the cleared site. The DU Recovery Team will
      place this-material in the tank in the cleared area for shipment
      to the US. Seven M8Al Chemical Agent Alarm Systems containing
      Americium-241 were also involved in the fire. one was recovered
      from the area cleared by 'EOD. The radioactive source cell was
      not damaged. Six KSAis remain in the uncleared area. The P-B=ON
      team will support recovery of the Ml tanks by completing
      radiation surveys of areas and material near and underneath the
      tanks. The team will also conduct surveys of areas surrounding

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