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File: 980724_sep96_decls5_0001.txt
Page: 0001
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Subject = UPDATE ON DU ISSUES                                             

Box ID = BX007018

Folder title = DOHA ACCIDENT UPDATE 29 JUL 91 B                                                                

Unit = OSAGWI      

Parent = USAGWD      

                 2 B., 9 I       Or=     Le

                                                                                          25 ,4ovember @.99@

                                                           POT\T: PAPER

                    SUX3@,-W.':  Update on DU     asues

                    PURPOSS:     To Actvise Chief of Staff and PAO on contacts with gnviromental
                          Protection Agency (zpA).


                    0     on 20 NOV 91, Z r*caived a @4o'.ophons ca'A. !:,= :)Lrec@or of the EPA cult
                          Task Force                @=.                          A.,Lso 01; th* SP.A-=, co'n.
                          tacted Mr. VAnfr* (AWSP).
                    0     In response to an iricniry           the American MrJassy in Kuwait, SPA Was
                          looking for info=ation on DU, and an Army AX. T.'14 fth;aggy irIqLarY WRS
                          pr=(pted by -.m documents:
                                 Letter (TAB A) Ircm Mr. Ahmed Husse-r.. :oreign of Iraq,
                          .o United Nations, concerning DU m=iicon;s Jet in co=try after                     war
                                 vnte paper (W       8) from US contractor v4li.1ch proposes to clean ,ip-
                          DU in Kuwaiti sands Io tS Mclou Regulatory Ccmission standards.
                    a     W. Manfro &W I gave the EgJk-at-r                           some general tecbnica.
                          Information on DU p=Portios and potent4a! ?,4=ds, bit asked team to
                          refer requests for supports o nW                    = zt-@r.
                    0     1 ia!ozmod LTC Autb= of the ZPA'X :nteres-N ,.-i DU. He wiqa, be tl,* tcc
                          for t,@* Issue until otherwise dirwed and wi.1 coordinate with DA-M.
                    0     when contac-.od by tho EPA, I= Huebner askw tism'to
                          Baca's o4,f:ce, DM (ravirorment)t for DoO pot.tions and rospwses to OU
                          emiromoonta@. issues.

                    B@ Sys                                    M.D., M.P.X
                                         co;cn*'&  IC                                -@ioutenant colmal, %M
                                         cammid surmn                                C, ?,*dzcal Physics
                                         4-9470, Ro= 2-N23                           4-9470, RO= 2%125
                    CT-.                               Coordination,.

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