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Subject = CARC PAINTING OF EQUIPMENT                                      

Box ID = BX007020

Folder Title = CARC PAINTING OF EQUIPMENT                                                                      

Unit = OSAGWI      

Parent = USAGWD      


                                         DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY
                                     HEADQUARTERS, 22 SUPCOM (TAA)
                                          Dhahran, Saudi Arabia
                                          APO, New York 09616

                AFRD-PA-S                                                     17 M@Ly 1991

                MEMORANDUM FOR LTG Ross

                SUB,TECT: CARC Painting of Equipment

                1. Clarification of following additional points is provided as

                ISSUE        The newspaper article reports medical problems are
                             still being encountered. When was the last incident of
                             a soldier either claiming to be ill or receiving

                RESPONSE     The last incident of a soldier receiving medical
                           .treatment/evaluation was 16 May 1991. Three lst
                             Armored Division soldiers were treated for headaches.
                             They were evaluated by the Physician Assistant (PA).
                             They were not performing actual painting duties. They
                             had been masking vehicles. They were provided aspirin
                             and returned to duty. No other soldiers have
                             complained of being ill or received treatment since
                             December 1990.

                ISSUE -      What were the circumstances leading to the shutdown of
                             CARC painting by the Vil Corps Safety Officer? Had VII
                             Corps soldiers been assisting 325th Maint Co soldiers
                             prior to the shutdown, and, when operations resumed,
                             did Vil Corps soldiers do any painting?

                RESPONSE     The VII Corps Safety Officer was informed that the air
                             compressors being utilized were not certified as
                             producing Grade D air and the lighting installed in the
                             paint areas was not explosion proof. The Safety
                             Officer was concerned, that in the event of equipment
                             failure, a soldier might inhale carbon monoxide.
                             Additionally, the Safety Officer was concerned that a
                             fire may occur if a light exploded. VII Corps soldiers
                             did not assist the 325 Maintenance Company prior to the
                             shutdown, VII Corps soldiers are currently doing all
                             CARC painting.

                ISSUE -      What is current status of key CARC painting equipment
                             (filters, respirators, etc)? Are there any
                             shortages/unfilled requisitions?


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