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Subject = CHEMICAL AGENT RESISTANT COATING                                

Box ID = BX007020

Folder Title = CHEMICAL AGENT RESISTANT COATING CARC PAINTING                                                  

Unit = OSAGWI      

Parent = USAGWD      


              AFRD-PA-S (385)                                         28 April 1991


              SUBJECT:  Chemical Agent Resistant Coating (CARC) Paint
              Ooerations, Ports of Dammam and Jubayl

              1. Forwarded for your review and consideration. Based upon
              established health, safety, and industrial hygiene protocols,
              these operations should be curtailed until such time as the
              appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) and medical
              surveillance are conducted.

              2. An initial survey of the Port of Jubail CARC spray painting
              operation was conducted on 25 April, with follow-ud on 27 April
              1991. The operation is being conducted by the 325@h Maintenance
              Company, Florida Army National Guard. The higher headquarters in
              theater' is the 593d ASG, 22D SUPCOM.

              3. A survey of the Port of Dammam CARC painting operation was
              conducted on 26 April 1991. There are two paint sites; one is
              currently a US Army Support Group managed site where vehicles
              designated for POMCUS storage are being painted sand color by
              Department of the Army civilian personnel. The second site,
              consisting of five spray booth tents, is planned for vil Corps

              4. General.

                  a. Surveys on the 25th and 26th of ADril were conducted in
              conjunction with LTC Murphy and SGT Caper of the 12th Medical
              Group, Preventive Medicine Section.

                  b. Spray painting operations at the Port of Dammam are
              currently limited to a single shift, day shift, with three
              painters operating. The painters at Dammam are currently
              averaging three vehicles per day.
                  C. Painting operations at both ports i� curtailed fvhen
              ambient temperatures rise into the upper 9OuF range and wind
              conditions become too strong.
                  d.  Painting at the Port of Jubayl is performed on a 24 hour
              basis in three work shifts; a personnel roster is provided in

              5. Findings.


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