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                              lUNCLASSIHEDI            (9 Apr 91) Spraying)

                               MCKGRp~ PAPER

SUBJECT:   Aerial InSecticide Spraying

PWtPosH.   To provide the Command with the rationale for aerial insecticide
*praying and obtain Co~and approval for supporting airlift requirement~

ISSUE.  April and Nay are the peak months for insects in this Theater of
Operation..   Phlebotomus sand flies are the vectors of Cutaneous Leishmaniasis
and Sand Fly Fever.   Filth flies are a nuisance as well as capable of
mechanically transmitting diarrheal disease.   Institution of aerial spraying
will reduce these problems but requires some airlift of materials into


-  Insect Population.

   -- Unusually heavy rains this year will cause higher insect Populations
       than average.

   -- Other than unit level Field Sanitation Teams and personal protective
       measures, most of the troop assembly areas have no other means of insect
       control.  The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia carries out some vector control
       activities in Populated areas.

-  Concept of Operations

   -- Current aerial spray technology uses pesticides safe to personnel,
       e~ipment and the environment.   Only one ounce of Pesticide is dispersed
       over a one acre area.  This technology and method has been safely and
       Successfully used in a number of U.S  locations.

   -- Spray aircraft (907th Tactical Airlift Wing) and aircrews are already
       available in-theater.

   -- Aerial spray eguipuient and Pesticide supplies have already been procured
       in CONUS and require approximately one C5A sortie and six C141 sorties
       for deployment.

   -- These aerial spray assets are the only wide-area disease vector
       reduction capability available to U.S  Forces in-theater.

                                     REPARED B

               p ty Command Surgeon               OL, USA, MC
                                                  reventive Medicine

                             U z'~~C~88IEiED ED

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