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File: 110596_oct96_decls1_0002.txt
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Subject: GRAVES REGISTRATION REPORT                                      

Unit: 1 MARDIV    

Parent Organization: 1 MEF       

Box ID: BX600057

Folder Title: vol 13 - graves  registration  report                                                           

Document Number:          1

Folder SEQ  #:         37


                               GRAVES REGISTRATION

             The Graves Registration effort began in Southwest Asia in

         September of 1990. LtCol John Cassady, from the Warfighting Center

         at Quantico, Virginia, was assigned as I MEF Graves Registration


             He arrived with the knowledge but no assets as the Graves

         Registration function had been earlier transferred to the Marine

         Corps Reserve. There was no Table of organization or Table of

         Equipment for MEF-level Graves Registration.

             LtCol Cassady set about the task of organizing his unit with

         the help of MSgt Edward Campbell, who arrived from Marine Corps

         Base Camp Pendleton's Schools Battalion. He was the Administration

         School's Branch Chief and was hand-picked to help assemble and

         train the Graves Registration unit in $WA, which required

         converting doctrine into a viable training program.

             Their effort started slowly because there were so many on-

         going supply and manpower problems during the initial months of

         the Marine deployment to Saudi Arabia. Most of the initial

         equipment was simply gotten through personal agreements made

         between LtCol Cassady, MSgt Campbell and various agencies that

         owned the needed materials. LtCol Cassady also doubled as the lst

         FSSG G-1 until October when maj Tom Farrell assumed that position.

             Graves Registration personnel came from many MOS's and various

         backgrounds. Some volunteered for the task; some were volunteered

         by their units; and some took the opportunity as the only means of
  40     getting to Saudi Arabia. The initial crew was 12 Marines. They

         eventually formed a nucleus to train follow-on arrivals.


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