TAB B -- Units Involved

Bolded units were the units involved in one or more exposure events:

VII Corps

1st Infantry Division

1st Brigade

1-34 Armor Battalion

2-34 Armor Battalion

3rd Brigade (from 3rd Brigade, 2nd Armored Division)

1-41 Infantry Battalion

3-66 Armor Battalion

1st Armored Division

1st Brigade (3rd Brigade, 3rd Infantry Division)

4-66 Armor Battalion

3rd Brigade

1-37 Armor Battalion

3rd Armored Division

4-7 Cavalry Squadron

2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment

2-2 Cavalry Squadron

2-2 Cavalry Squadron
XVIII Airborne Corps

24th Infantry Division

2nd Brigade

3-15 Infantry Battalion

3-69 Armor Battalion

2-2 Cavalry Squadron
11th Armored Cavalry Regiment

1-11 Cavalry Squadron

2-11 Cavalry Squadron

58th Combat Engineer Company

54th Chemical Troop

2-2 Cavalry Squadron
146th Ordnance Detachment (EOD)
144th Service and Supply Company, New Jersey Army National Guard
556th Corps Support Company
2-2 Cavalry Squadron
USS Missouri

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