Case Narrative

Reported Mustard Exposure
Operation Desert Storm

Case Narratives are reports of what we know today about certain events of the 1990-1991 Gulf War. This particular case narrative focuses on a medically diagnosed chemical warfare agent exposure to a US soldier during the Gulf War. This is an interim, not a final, report. We hope you will read this and contact us with any information that would help us better understand the events reported here. With your help, we will be able to report more accurately on the events surrounding this reported mustard agent exposure. Please contact my office to report any new information by calling:


Bernard Rostker
Special Assistant for Gulf War Illnesses
Department of Defense

2000094-0000001 Ver. 2.0

Last Update: October 24, 2000

Many veterans of the Gulf War have expressed concern that their unexplained illnesses may have resulted from their experiences in that war. In response to veterans’ concerns, the Department of Defense established a task force in June 1995 to investigate incidents and circumstances relating to possible causes. The Office of the Special Assistant to the Deputy Secretary of Defense for Gulf War Illnesses assumed responsibility for these investigations on November 12, 1996, and has continued to investigate reports of chemical warfare agent incidents. Among numerous reports, this incident was reported in testimony to the Presidential Advisory Committee on April 16, 1996.

As part of the effort to inform the public about the progress of these efforts, the Department of Defense publishes on the Internet and elsewhere, accounts that may contribute to the discussion of possible causes of illnesses of Gulf War veterans, along with documentary evidence or personal testimony used in compiling the accounts. This narrative is such an account.





     A. Background
     B. Location of Incident
     C. Medical Diagnosis and Treatment
     D. Physical Evidence
          1. The Fox Tests
               a. Fox Sampling Procedures
               b. Tests of Coveralls and Flak Jacket
          2. Urinalysis
          3. Photographs
          4. Chemical Research, Development and Engineering Tests of Coverall Cloth and Flak Jacket
     E. Subject Matter Experts’ Opinions
          1. Medical
          2. MM-1 Mobile Mass Spectrometer
     F. Analyzing the Incident
          1. Likelihood of Chemical Agents in the Area
          2. Location of Possible Chemical Exposure
          3. Medical Expertise
          4. Factors Affecting an Accurate Diagnosis
          5. Absence of Thiodiglycol
          6. Discrepancies in Test Results


TAB A - Acronyms, Abbreviations, and Glossary

TAB B - Units Involved

TAB C - Bibliography

TAB D - Methodology for Chemical Warfare Incident Investigation

TAB E - Chronology of Events

TAB F - Transcription of Printout of Fox Test of Coveralls

TAB G - Transcription of Printout of Fox Test of Flak Jacket

TAB H - Ion Relative Intensity Data

TAB I - General Accounting Office Comments

TAB J - Summary of New Information


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