DIVERTED SHIP                                                  DIVERTING SHIP(S)

37. RED SEA ENERGY       27 Jan             N. RED SEA         USS S. B. ROBERTS
    (GERMANY)                               (86 of 246 inaccessible railroad cars)
                                            (some cargo manifested to Jordan Export Co.)
                                            (enr Greece to Aqaba-diverted to Jeddah)

39. A~4WASHrAL~          02 Feb             N. RED SEA         USS BIDDLE
    GASSE~tIW                               (30-40k sheep, no consignee on manifest)
    (SAUDI ARABIA)                          (enr Jeddah to Aqaba)

40. CLYMENE              02 Feb             N. RED SEA         USS S. B. ROBERTS
    (BAHAMAS)                               (50k mt wheat, no original manifest, only ltr)
                                            (enr Houston to Aqaba)

41. ARABMWBREEZE         02 Feb             N. RED SEA         USS S. B. ROBERTS
    (JAPAN)                                                    USS HALYBURTON
                                            (automobiles, no consignee on manifest)
                                            (enr Jeddah to Aqaba)

42. RED SEA EUROPA       07 Feb             N. RED SEA         USS BIDDLE
    (GERMANY)                               (machine pts, tires, lunch meat, wheat, lube oil)
                                            (no original manifest, inaccessible containers)
                                            (enr Greece to Aqaba-diverted to Port Sudan)

43. RED SEA ENERGY       09 Feb             N. RED SEA         USS ThOMAS C. HART
    (GERMANY)                               (inaccessible cargo containers-no orig manifest)
                                            (enr Jeddah to Aqaba-no diverted port yet)

46. F}UO CARIBIC         21 Feb             N. RED SEA         USS SPRUANCE
    (PANAMA)                                `(no original ma~nif est)
                                            (enr Tampa to Aqaba-no divert port yet)

49. LEDENICE             26 Feb             N. RED SEA         USS BIDDLE
    (YUGOSLAVIA)                                               SNS VENCEDORA
                                            (metal shoes with KUWAIT stamp blocked~out)
                                            (poison with no dangerous cargo manifest)
                                            (dimethyl pbtalate & dichlorodifluoromethane)
                                            (altered manifest and cargo labels)
                                            (enr Port Sudan to Aqaba-divert to Yanbu)

50. SALAl                OS Mar             N. RED SEA         USS S.B. ROBERTS
    (ROMANIA)                               (cargo - steel)
                                            (no original manifest and no consignee)
                                            (enr Bulgaria to Aqaba - diverted to Port Suez)


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