TAB B - Units Identified as Being Within a 50 Kilometer Radius of Khamisiyah ASP (4-15 March 1991) [97]

The following table shows those units, and reported total personnel strengths, which have been identified by investigators as being present during the demolition operations at Khamisiyah ASP:

82nd Division (Airborne) Hqs., 82nd Div 399
Tactical Command Post (TAC), 1st Bde 122
Tactical Operations Center (TOC), 3rd Bde 112
1st Bn, 504th IN 757
2nd Bn, 504th IN 794
1st Bn, 505th IN 787
2nd Bn, 505th IN 778
3rd Bn, 505th IN 772
4th Bn, 325th IN 774
1st Bn, 319th FA 462
2nd Bn, 319th FA 468
1st Sqdn, 17th Air Calvalry 772
3rd Bn, 73rd AR 596
313th MI Bn, 319th FA 474
307th Medical Bn 370
307th EN Bn 498
37th EN Bn 511
450 Civil Affairs Bn 77
24th IN Division (Mech) Main Command Post, 24th IN Div 908
Hq., 197th IN BDE 323
2nd Sqdn, 4th Calvalry 404
24th Signal Bn 668
724th Combat Support Bn 855
1st Bn, 5th ADA 635
Hqs., 36th EN Group 71
3rd EN Bn 682
5th EN Bn 807
299th EN Bn 601
362nd EN Co 156
101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) Rear Command Post, 2nd Bde 87
Hqs., 101st Aviation Bde 146
1st Bn, 320th FA 436
Other Units 2nd Sqdn, 3rd ACR 866
Hqs., 265th EN Group 75
Hqs., 937th EN Group 79
12th EN Bn 747
46th EN Bn 605
264th EN Co 98
Tactical Command Post
(TAC), XVIIIth Corps
Artillery (Airborne)
1st Bn 181st FA 443
1st Bn 623rd FA 411
Hqs., 513th MI Bde 197
Hqs., 12th Aviation Bde 146
9th Chemical Co. 41
36th Medical Detachment 58
36th Medical Detachment 58
5th Mobile Army Surgical
41st Medical Hospital 247
47th Combat Support
47th Field Hospital 284
Total 20,867

The following units have been identified to the IAD through contacts with commanding officers. The IAD is providing this information to a separate team whose focus is to verify unit locations :

                                          24th Infantry Division (Mechanized)

1st Bde: 2nd Bde: 197th IN Bde:
HHC 1st Bde HHC 2nd Bde HHC 197th
2/7th IN Bn 3/15 IN Bn 1/18th IN Bn
3/7th IN Bn 1/64th AR Bn 2/18th IN Bn
2/69th AR Bn 4/64th AR Bn 2/69th AR Bn
1/41st FA Bn 3/41 FA Bn 4/41st FA Bn
5th EN Bn 3rd EN Bn 299th EN Bn
24th Fwd Spt Bn 224th Fwd Spt Bn 324th Fwd Spt Bn

                                        Division Support Command:

HHC & MMC, DISCOM 171st Corps Support Group
724th Support Bn (Main) 260th QM Bn:
91st Chemical Co. 110 Supply Co. (POL)
327th Chemical Co. (DECON) 84th Med. Truck Co. (Cargo)
197th Support Bn 416th Med. Truck Co. (POL)
82nd Ordnance Det. 542nd Maint. Co.
83rd Ordnance Det. 24th Ordnance Co.
851st S&S Co.
Medical: 548th S&S Bn:
5th MASH 57th Med. Truck Co.
2nd MASH 1083rd Heavy Truck Co.
10th MASH 514th Maint. Co.
274th Field Surgical Team 460th S&S Co.
595th Medical Co. 541st Maintenance Bn
3/565th Medical Co. (AMB) 226th Maint. Co.
47th Cbt Spt. Hosp. 632nd Maint. Co.
498th Air Ambulance Co. 991st Heavy Truck Co.
34th Medical Bn 133rd Ordnance Det.
786 Medical Det. (KA) 118th Ordnance Det.
702nd Medical Co. (CLR)
690th Medical Co. (AMB)

24th Aviation Bde: Division Artillery: 212th FA Bde:
HHC 24th Avn Bde HHC, DIVARTY 2/17th FA Bn
1/24th Avn Bn G-333 FA (TAB) 2/18th FA Bn
3/24th Avn Bn 3/27th FA Bn
1/58th Avn Bn (ATC) C-25th FA (TAB)

                                               Division Troops:

2/4th Cavalry Sqdn 24th Military Police Co.
124th Military Intelligence Bn 211th Military Police Co.
36th EN Group 519th Personnel Service Co.
362nd CSE Co. 24th Finance Support Unit
264th MGB Co. 422nd Civil Affairs Co.
1/5th ADA Bn Det. 300 Postal Co.
24th Signal Bn HHC Division

            1st Corps Support Command (COSCOM)

46th Corps Support Group (CSG); assigned to the 82nd Div (ABN)
171st CSG; assigned to the 24th ID (MECH)
101st CSG; assigned to the 101st Div (AASLT)

If you are aware of units or individuals who were within the 50-kilometer radius of Khamisiyah who are not listed above, please contact the DoD Persian Gulf Task Force Hot Line at 1-800-472-6719.

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