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DTG:   Feb 91

SUBJECT:  Response to Iraqi  Storage bunkers (Addendum)

1.  The following is intended to amplify and expand on                                  Feb 91, subject: response to
               poss BW Bnkr.  There are currently                         12 frame storage bunkers in Iraq.  Of these
                                                         both the refrigerated and non-refrigerated types may have va BW association.                                                                                                                       At one of these
bunker                      after it was struck and severely damaged indicated that the Iraqis were attempting to
remove material that may have been salvagable inside, and decontaminate it for future use.  Also, some agents are relatively heat resistant

2,  The number of twelve frame bunkers in Iraq,                                            is so large as to suggest roles
in additional to BW storage.  They could include storage for chemical, FAE, and sensitive electrocics for weapons, as well as other functions including possible weapons fill or handling.

3.  Some of the destroyed/damaged 12 frame refrigerated bunkers (An Nasiriyah Stor Fac SW), and undamaged non-refrigerated 12 frame bunkers (3 at AZ SUBAYR ammo DPO SE) may be within range 
of coalition forces operating in southern Iraq.  A determination of what is present in these bunkers, or may have been present at destroyed bunkers based on a sample of the immediate area, could be of major military and intelligence importance.  If an attempt is made to access these bunkers protective measures should be employed.  Further, caution should be used since the vicinity of the bunkers may be mined.

* Tall Al Lahm    1           3047          N           04635            E    These Nr Bnks are approx
Ammo stor area 2            3047          N           04635            E    17 NM S/SE of Tallil AF,
								  3 NM S of SUQ ASH

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