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SUBJECT:  Response to *** ****** suspected chem/bio weapons storage sites in KTO prior to ground war.

1.  The following locations do not contain chemical/biological weapons.  All locations were confirmed through VII Corps G2 OPS BY VII Corps Divisions on 30 Mar 91.

305604N0460536E		Tallil AFLD.   No chem found

300700N0471000E		Ammo dump.  No chem found

300613N0471331E		3 Ammo bunkers etc.  No chem found

301800N473000E		Ammo site.  No chem found

294500N463000E		Ammo storage site.  No chem found

294500N0464900E		Ammo storage site.  No chem found

294600N0465200E		127 trucks, fenced revetments-No chem

302600N0471400E		Rumaylah ammo storage.  No chem found

302600N0472500E		Rumaylah ammo storage.  No chem found

302400N0473830E		Ash Shuaygah ammo storage depot

303200N0465200E		Al Jazair ammo storage area-No chem.

304649N046522E		Tall al Lahm ammo--No chem found

305750N0462030E		An Nasiriyah ammo.  No chem found

304700N0462600E		Tall Al Lahm ammo.  No chem found

2.  The following locations can not be confirmed whether or not they contain chemical munitions, because they are past the demarcation line and are in Iraqi territory.

302900N0473830E		Ash Shubayah ammo storage depot northwest.  In Iraqi territory.

301600N0474100E		**Underground storage bunkers.  In Iraqi territory.

302500N474200E		As Shubayah ammo storage east.  In Iraqi territory.

302600N0473700E		Ammo site - 12 earthen storage revetments and 10 ammo bldgs.  In Iraqi      

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