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Updated: 05/18/1998
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Defenselink NEWS RELEASE

ReferenceNumber: No. 419-95

August 3, 1995



The Department of Defense announced today the opening of its official internetWorld Wide Web home page named "GulfLINK" providing Gulf War veterans andothers with immediate, on-line computer access to documents related to thepossible causes of the illnesses being reported by Gulf War veterans.

"This is yet another initiative the Defense Department has set into operationin an effort to make documents available concerning service in the PersianGulf," said Secretary of Defense William Perry. "Just as we had promised lastMay, we have begun to make available via the Internet, relevant declassifiedmedical, operational and intelligence documents from the Persian Gulf War.Using modern computer technology in an unprecedented way, we can further helpGulf War veterans by sharing information that may be useful to them."

World Wide Web users can reach "GulfLINK" at:/

"GulfLINK" is an interactive tool that will allow user-friendly searches ofdeclassified medical, operational and intelligence documents. Presently,"GulfLINK" contains an initial release of about 3,700 pages of declassifieddocuments the Department of Defense has concerning the Gulf War. Moredocuments will be added as they become available. All documents are expectedto be uploaded to "GulfLINK" by December 1996.

Home Pages are electronic sites which provide specific information about aninstitution or agency in graphical format. "GulfLINK" was developed incooperation with the Defense Technical Information Center.

Note to Editors: Reference may be made to a previously announced, toll-freeGulf War incident reporting line for those who served in the Persian Gulf War.This service offers these veterans the opportunity to report details first-handof incidents they believe may have led to a medical problem they or others haveexperienced since returning from the Persian Gulf. The number is1-800-472-6719 and operates Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m.(EDT). -->

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