Role Played

Safety Officer with the US Army Corps of Engineers, Kuwait Emergency Recovery Office Early encounter with tank during safety inspection. Recalls vapors being emitted from the tank as smelling like nitric acid.
Passive Barriers Discovered the tank and notified Brown & Root. Tendered for disposal of the tank.
Brown & Root Supervisor Notified US Army Corps of Engineers Kuwait Emergency Recovery Office about British subcontractor’s discovery of the tank.
Major Watkinson First to test the tank using four different chemical agent detectors during the first operation. Commanded the first and second operations, present at third operation (resealed tank) and authorized the fourth operation.
Colonel Macel Briefed 54th Chemical Troop leadership on Fox mission. Was present during the second and third operations.
Lieutenant Colonel Killgore Present during Fox testing. Took possession of the Fox tapes and faxed them to Aberdeen, MD for analysis. Provided the Sampling Team with a copy of the Fox tapes.
Then-Captain Johnson Directed the Fox operations during second operation His report on events served as the focus for public debate in 1996.
Sampling Team Leader Obtained samples during the third operation which were sent to CBDE, Porton Down, UK for testing and analysis.
Chemical and Biological Defense Establishment (CBDE), Porton Down, UK Analyzed samples from the third operation provided by the Sampling Team. Concluded that the samples "showed the presence of no material of CW interest."
Chemical Research, Development, and Engineering Center, Aberdeen, MD Received faxed copy of Fox tapes for analysis. Lost originals and assessment.
Commanding officer of the 146th EOD detachment Was tasked by the senior EOD officer to inspect the tank and search the site for additional tanks.
Commander of 1st Troop, 21st EOD Squadron Directed sampling during the second operation.
Commander of 3rd Troop, 21st EOD Squadron Responsible for final sealing of the tank as well as testing the British MK IV suit during the fourth operation.


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