9.1. Killed in Action/Psychiatric Casualty Rates: Korean War
9.2. Deaths from Hostile Action in Southeast Asia
9.3. Ratio of Hospitalized Psychiatric Casualties to Wounded in Action, U. S. Marines 1965�1971
10.1. Precombat Leader Effectiveness Percentage Ratings in XVIIIth and VIIth Corps
10.2. Questions to Which 16 Percent or Less of the Sample Responded This Caused "Quite a Bit" or "Extreme" Stress During the Past Week
10.3. Questions to Which over 16 Percent of the Sample Responded This Caused "Quite a Bit" or "Extreme" Stress During the Past Week
10.4. Categories Perceived as Sources of Stress or as Coping Aids by XVII-Ith Airborne Sample
10.5. Amount of Worry or Stress Soldiers in Precombat Sample Thought the Follow-ing Events Would Cause
10.6. Means on Trauma Scale for Company-Level Units
10.7. Percentages Claiming Exposure to and High Levels of Stress from Combat-Traumatic Events
11.1. Comparison of BSI Trauma Scale Levels Before Combat and Six to Nine Months After the End of the War
11.2. Panel Study Mean Trauma Scale Scores
11.3. Selected Precombat and Postcombat BSI Item Responses to the Question, "How Much Discomfort Did This Problem Cause You During the Past Week?"
11.4. Precombat Trauma Scale Quartile Placement of Individuals Meeting Criteria of PTSD Risk
11.5. Percentage of Soldiers in XVIIIth Airborne Corps Responding As Very Dissatisfied or Dissatisfied Precombat and Postcombat to Various Questions
11.6. Assessments of Family Support
11.7. Perceived Sources of Stress After Return
11.8. ODS-Related Sources of Stress
11.9. VIIth Corps
11.10. Perceived Effects of ODS on the Soldier's Life