Subject: COMMAND CHRONOLOGY FOR 1 JAN TO 28 FEB 91  15 MAR 91            

Unit: 1ST CE BN   

Parent Organization: 1ST MARDIV  

Box ID: BX600020

Folder Title: COMMAND CHRONOLOGY 1ST COMBAT ENGINEER BATTALION JAN -JUN 1991                                  

Document Number:         15

Folder SEQ  #:          1


         17 Feb 1991    lst CEB conducts 50cal/M60 shoot

                        lst CEB tasked to provide a platoon each to TF
                        Grizzly and TF Taro

                        APOBS class to DetCEB by MTT

         18 Feb 1991    APOBS class to lst CEB by MTT

         19 Feb 1991    lst MarDiv sandtable at TF Ripper

                        5 more Mkl54s arrive at TF Ripper

         20 Feb 1991    Field train assets move to their position within TF
                        Ripper's field train

                        2 liaison teams from C Co, 7th ESB co-locate with
                        us lst CEB

                        lst CEB hauls rollers and D7s to 3d TkBn final
                        assembly area

                        DetCEB displaces to final assembly area. Conducts
                        breach exercise enroute.

         21 Feb 1991    lst CEB participates in final FEX/movement to final
                        assembly area, exercising the SBT at both obstacle

                        Total of 8 Mkl54s remain with SBT, lst CEB

         22 Feb 1991    2 Mkl54s chopped to TF Grizzly from lst CEB
                        2 Mkl54s chopped to TF Taro from DetCEB

                        lst CEB conducts sandtable for all hands

                        Start taking Cipro and Pyridostigmine

         23 Feb 1991    G-1

                        Tasked to provide 1 ACE to 2d MarDiv. Picked up as
                        lst CEB is preparing to pull out of its position.

                        TF Ripper leader's recon to border. S3 attends.

                        lst CEB picks up mine rollers from 3d TankBn and
                        delivers to border

                        1600 - lst CEB forms column for movement. Go to
                               MOPP 2.
                        1815 - DetCEB takes position in trace of 3/9
 Ripper HQ
                               and 3/11


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