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Subject: COMMAND CHRONOLOGY FOR 1 JAN TO 28 FEB 91  15 MAR 91            

Unit: 1ST CE BN   

Parent Organization: 1ST MARDIV  

Box ID: BX600020

Folder Title: COMMAND CHRONOLOGY 1ST COMBAT ENGINEER BATTALION JAN -JUN 1991                                  

Document Number:         15

Folder SEQ  #:          1


          24 Feb 1991    G Day

                         0001   -"Coors" TF Ripper leaves AA

                         0040   -lst CEB on the move

                         0150   -Ist CEB enters Kuwait

                         0200   -DetCEB leaves AA

                         0340   -"Hamms" lst CEB reaches attack position

                         0515   -"Avalanche" TF Ripper crosses LD

                         0525   -lst CEB on the move

                         0530   -DetCEB enters Kuwait

                         0610   -Ist CEB OCDs reach first minetield

                         0642   -lst CEB lanes 1 & 2 complete

                         0643   -lst CEB lane 4 complete

                         0700   -SBT, lst CEB moves to first minefield

                         0708   -Ist CEB lane 3 complete (mine plow has hit

                                 mine but has been evacuated)

                         0714   -SBT, Ist CEB starts work on first minefield

                         0850   -all 8 lst CEB lanes complete and traffic is


                         0905   -DetCEB cross LD

                         0915   -DetCEB OCDs reach first minefield

                         1205   -lst CEB OCDs reach second minefield

                         1220   -SBT, lst CEB taking incoming mortar fire

                         1230   -let CEB lanes 1, 2, 3 and 4 complete

                         1300   -SBT, Ist CEB working in second minefield

                         1420   -all 8 lst CEB lanes complete and traffic is

                                 flowing. SBT, Ist CEB assisting with 512

                                 surrendering Iraqis.

                         1500   -DetCEB OCDs breach second minefield

                         1600   -lst CEB displaces from second minefield to

                                 battle position

                                 SBT, DetCEB working in second minetield

  -DetCEB assumes control of EPWs in TF Papa

                                 Bear AOR. Establish defensive perimeter

                                 behind second minefield.

                         1705   -3 DetCEB lanes complete

                         1730   -attack on Al Jaber Airfield preempted by

                                 threat of counterattack from NE. lst CEB

                                 sets in alongside 1/5, oriented to NE.

          25 Feb 1991    G+l

                         0700   -A Co, DetCEB takes sporadic small arms fire

                         0800   -S3 mtg with TF Ripper for frag order

                         1032   -lst CEB displaces to position alongside 115's

                                 combat train. Attack delayed.

                         1300   -A Co, DetCEB returns to general support of TF

                                 Papa Bear. lst platoon remains with 3/9.

                         1600   -DetCEB moves north to new attack position vic

                                 Al Burqan oil fields

                         1630   -lst CEB displaces to new attack position vic

                                 Al Jaber Airfield

                         1800   -Flash! Flash! Gas! Gas! 3d TkBn log train

                                 reports they have been gassed. TF Ripper

                                 goes to MOPP 4.

                         1830   -All clear

                         1910   -Fox vehicle detects Lewicite. TF Ripper

                                 returns to MOPP 4.

                         1920   -All clear


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