December 6, 2000


Dear Gulf War Veteran:

Our nation is grateful for the selfless service you provided during Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm. I thank you and your family for the sacrifices you have endured.

We have left no stone unturned in our efforts to understand the nature of the health problems that arose as a result of the Gulf War. Although the task was complicated due to the array of diverse symptoms, the multiple exposures encountered by our servicemen and women, and the difficulty of capturing and recording pertinent information, we are making progress. As we continue to pursue research leads, the United States remains committed to ensuring that our veterans and their families get the health care they need, and that disabled veterans receive the compensation they deserve.

This report, Health Consequences of the Gulf War -- An Ongoing Analysis, will provide you with an overview of the background, clinical programs, research and investigations, compensation initiatives, outreach efforts, and lessons learned from the last seven years of our efforts. The report will also describe new initiatives to address a broad range of veterans’ health concerns.

Through a better understanding of the causes of illnesses arising from the Gulf War, we hope to find ways to ensure the health of servicemen and women in future deployments. Our goal remains the protection of our nation’s most valuable resource -- America’s sons and daughters who, through their service and sacrifice, protect the United States and its interests.


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