This Report is Dedicated to the Memory of

Admiral Elmo R. Zumwalt, Jr. (1920-2000)


Executive Summary

Chapter 1 - Mission, Charter, and Activities

Chapter 2 - The Transition from OSAGWI to OSAGWIMRMD

Chapter 3 - OSAGWI Case Narratives

Chapter 4 - OSAGWI Environmental Exposure Reports

Chapter 5 - Presidential Advisory Committee Special Report Recommendations

Chapter 6 - Overview of Health Effects

Chapter 7 - The Role of Stress as a Contributing Factor in Gulf War Undiagnosed Illnesses

Chapter 8 - Ongoing Initiatives and Lessons Learned from the Gulf War

Chapter 9 - Findings, Recommendations, and Observations


    1. Dr. Cam's Dissenting Comments and the Chairman's Response
    2. Presidential Documents: Executive Order 13075
    3. Charter of the Special Oversight Board for Department of Defense Investigations of Gulf War Chemical and Biological Incidents
    4. Board Member Biographical Information
    5. Staff Member Biographical Information
    6. Key Gulf War Illness Studies and Reports
    7. Case Narrative Matrix
    8. Monthly Events and Meetings
    9. Special Oversight Board Special Report
    10. Chapter References
    11. Glossary
    12. Acknowledgements