Dr. Vinh Cam

Dr. Vinh Cam, of Greenwich, Connecticut, is a Consultant working with companies and non-governmental organizations on airborne toxins, hazardous waste management and environmental and occupational health matters. Among her professional work experiences, Dr. Cam was Adjunct Professor of Management Science at Pace University, did clinical research on autoimmune diseases at Rockefeller University and worked in the Environmental Protection Agency for 11 years, developing an expertise in air toxics and health risk assessments. Dr. Cam has also participated in medical missions to Vietnam, in the Commission on the Status of Women for the Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing, the World Summit for Social Development in Copenhagen and the International Conference on Population and Development in Cairo. She has a Doctorate in Cellular Immunology/Immunotoxicology from New York University, and a Masters in Business Administration from Bernard M. Baruch College.